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Hasbro almost never sells ANY of its IP.  It will not sell D&D. This is a pipe dream.

Very true. Hasbro's fortune is built on the long tail and licensing of IPs.

The long tail really works.
Reviews / Open Legend
« Last post by Shenron007 on Today at 12:52:22 am »
An open ended, story driven, multi genre, and classless game.
Reviews / Re: Alpha Blue
« Last post by Shenron007 on Today at 12:50:43 am »
Of course! It was a lot of fun reading through it again with the review lense
An opinion piece about finances from a respected financial source (Forbes), and I didn't cite any of the opinions in the article. I used it as a source for concrete numbers about the state's finances, all of which the article attributed and linked to the original studies, and which massively contradict your numbers. And your reply is just that the future is unknowable. There's room for divergence of opinions, but you're denying there should be an opinion on the topic.

Sorry. I did not mean to say that there shouldn't be an opinion on the topic, and I do take respected opinion pieces seriously.

From what I saw of the article, it didn't contradict my source - it just was using different definitions. My source was looking at general debt - but most of the article was looking at future obligations - like infrastructure maintenance costs. Yes, California has obligations to pay beyond borrowed money, but so do other states. In order to compare apples to apples, one would need to look at what the expected infrastructure and similar costs like pensions are for other states.
The article also looked at things like projected future infrastructure costs, but I didn't reference any of that. The part I cited was pure debt, i.e. existing commitments. Which worked out to $1.3 to $2.3 trillion, depending on the source, and that's far, far above the amount your source used. Vague and uncertain as it is (that's another problem), that's the real number.

That's because the government plays games with debt. Or be blunt, they lie. Because if a company promises to pay out $70 million dollars in pension funds, then they're required to put that on their balance sheet. This is a universal, basic accounting standard. But the government at various levels has exempted themselves from that requirement. Which doesn't erase the debt, so it means the official numbers are garbage.

At the federal level, look up the fiscal gap -- that includes all the promised future expenditures that have already been made for entitlements like social security and medicare. The already staggering official debt is a vast underestimate of the real federal debt, because it does not include those numbers. If you're interested, the GAO used to publish the real total, under an alternate scenario. But people started paying attention, so they just stopped publishing the numbers. But the last time it was published, the total was roughly an order of magnitude higher than the nominal debt.

California is playing the same games. Do you think they can just elect not to pay pensions to their workers? If you think that's nonsense, and you should, then you have ignore the official debt. It's simply not real.

I think the current total is estimated around 220 Trillion for the US.  Which would indeed be an order of magnitude. 
What was the size of the judgement against her?

Like all evil corporations they want:

Wait and see.
What was the size of the judgement against her?
Dominion has just slapped the everloving shit out of Sydney Powell.
Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Re: Sandbox in Delta Green
« Last post by arcanuum on January 23, 2021, 10:19:56 pm »
That link doesn't seem to be available anymore.
Well it's bit dualistic - one of aspects of diverisity and queernormativism SJW pushes and praises is... well normativism - ergo you just put alphabet people randomly without much story or importance even - they're just there in the world, like each time developer rolls 19 on minor NPC table.

It doesnt work that way though. If you just have X in somewhere at random and it does nothing it is not going to register usually and not further the cause thusly.

Except it did.

They got you to say that it's no big deal.

And not only are you not objecting to the SJW normativism, you are pushing back against people who don't like it.
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