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The big problem my LGS has is lots of people go their to play. But few of them spend money there.
Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Re: Enjoy.
« Last post by Rob Necronomicon on Today at 09:05:04 am »

I appreciate that!

No problem mate... Credit where credit is due!
Media and Inspiration / Re: The Mandalorian Season 2
« Last post by Omega on Today at 07:19:10 am »
In terms of being real-world practical armor, soldiers would need to be able to sit in it, crawl, lie down and even sleep in it.

But a quick search turns up evidence that screen-accurate Trooper costumes are indeed difficult to sit down in:

Note also that Scout Trooper armor omits the butt plate so they can sit on their bikes.

I think the bigger problem is the joints in the legs. Whomever made those pieces apparently did not think about the bend point so the upper and lower pieces pinch at the back the more you bend at the knee.
Speaking of our old friend Wheelchair of Representation.

There it is ridden by a new character in Idle Champions of the Forgotton Realms. A evil drow or tiefling thief in a wheelchair. Backstabbing people. And detaching rings on the back wheels and throwing them as chakrams. Its both jaw-droppingly blatant and yet kinda cool at the same time.
Also, the Candlekeep Mysteries book isn't out yet, and I can't tell that the wokeness in it amounts to much. The woke agenda could be comparable having to two gay NPCs out of dozens in an adventure book, where if you just replaced one "M" to "F" it would be gone. In this case, it could be that someone who is reading the module might not notice at all how a given dungeon is wheelchair accessible -- it could just be all one level.

This was my point with Essentials, Curse of Strahd, Tomb of Annhialation, etc. The inclusions are meaningless as they have nothing to back them up. You can literally change the genders or even race and have no impact at all.
The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: These FIVE men control your freedom
« Last post by Melan on Today at 04:52:15 am »
Uganda is a country of 40 million people, which is hardly small, but the point stands. Whatever the theoretical underpinnings, this is a burning practical issue that used to be negligible while tech firms were neutral, but now concerns national sovereignty and the fairness of elections because
  • these technological firms have captured much of the Internet under their umbrella, becoming immensely powerful in previously unexpected ways;
  • they have started policing speech on their platforms, and done so in a blatantly ideological fashion;
  • there is a growing, shall we say impression, in politics that they may not be market actors at all, but the extended arms of secret foreign policy.
This will make even US-friendly (and specifically DEM-friendly) governments nervous, because sovereignty, and how much a country is ceding of it to outside organisations like the EU, is no childrens' game. It is very carefully guarded, scrutinised and negotiated. A foreign company trying to bend, or even tip elections is a hostile tresspasser even in "friendly" territory, and not any better than US gunships appearing before your ports before Election Day. This will not be taken lightly, especially when these companies have just done so in a brutal and entirely unprecedented manner in their home country. Not even France and Germany are amused, and they are supposedly on the globalists' side.

Friendly governments will thus now seek alternatives to the tech giants, and try to regulate them, probably through their EU cronies. Less friendly ones (like ours, which has previously been the subject of what seemed to be an attempt at fomenting a "colour revolution" under the Obama State Department, and has therefore aligned firmy with a much friendlier Trump cabinet) will prepare scenarios where they might shut down social media on a national level if they try to pull something. Poland is preparing legistlation proposing draconian fines for social media companies which try to engage in political censorship - and Poland is the most US-friendly country in Europe!

But on this issue, Hungary, Poland, Germany and France are firm allies despite any lingering political differences. After all, previously neutral platforms have become absolutely political. It is no longer about cute pictures or photo ops (which politicians were happy to participate in for PR), but merciless globalist control, and a potential venue for what the scary people call "democratic regime change". This is not something "private companies" are allowed to do. And if someone's response is "they can't just ban Facebook" and "muh free markets", they will be very surprised to learn what jealous governments protecting their own power are willing to do.
Space Aces by P0rthos47 is currently funding on Kickstarter. I'm not him, but I am a supporter.

This game has fast and easy chargen, simple rules and support for group or solo play. There are tons of tables that make GM prep effortless. They've already funded at over 4x their original goal.
The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: What's to be done about homelessness?
« Last post by consolcwby on Today at 12:00:08 am »
Should the homeless should be rounded up and murdered horrendously? No.
Why? Because they are the perfect people to test new covid vaccines on!
Why? So SJW autonomous zones won't have competition from the FREE city street people!
There. Solved it!

EDIT: Damn it! That won't work because most people are killing each other in line for the privilege of being guinea pigs!

I never thought of doing this, but now I have to try it. Sounds like a lot of fun.
Speaking of reestablishing norms, in response to the mostly peaceful but terrifying events that led lawmakers to courageously cower in their chambers or bravely flee, metal detectors have suddenly appeared at the entrances to the House floor.

This wouldn't have affected the protesters in the slightest, so it must be a response to the danger presented by members of Congress. They're telling us we clearly can't trust them.
Are they worried Lauren's going to whip out her piece and gank a few Dems?

So much projection.

Each new election is more entertaining than the last.
Now that democrats have complete power in the House, Senate, White House, and Supreme Court... You expect more ELECTIONS?!
To even suggest we EVER had elections... That's SEDITIOUS! What are you a racist ass-hat misogynist pig?! YOU LYING TERRORIST!
(consider yourself reported, mister/miss/mz/xyx!) :P


"Racist ass-hat misogynist  pig!" ;D *Laughing* Fucking hilarious, Consolcwby!

Semper Fidelis,

Well, I thought so...
Until I had to change my class to two sexually suspect knights!
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