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Author Topic: Will the current Woke Environment Hasten, or Delay a WOTC commitment to 6th Ed.?  (Read 3785 times)

Godfather Punk

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When I play Ms. Monopoly, can I choose to play as a female pawn? And do I get the women perks in that case? What about gender-fluid?  :P

Edit: from the 'description from the publisher'
..but who you are is up to you.
Ok, looks like they've got all bases covered ;)
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...the release of Ms. Monopoly being a prime example. [of Hasbro going woke]

Lol - do you know how MANY versions of Monopoly there are? Per a quick Google search, there are 1,144 versions. I don't think that one being "woke" (I didn't actually look at it) means much of anything.

Heck, there are versions of popular college sports teams. That doesn't mean that Hasbro hates smaller less popular colleges. It just means that Monopoly editions are Hasbro going scattershot - because making a new version costs them almost nothing.

They put new names for the properties, have a few mediocre pieces of art, and maybe have new pieces (though not always). It is very cheap to make a new edition, and Hasbro has chased every trend with them. It's not as if Ms. Monopoly is replacing the default game.

If you are actually upset by Ms. Monopoly, you are a very fragile person.

You added to my Quote and cut off the context:

My Original Post:

...Outside of post 4e layoffs, Hasbro has been rather hands-off when it comes to WOTC. And Hasbro has also shown a willingness to indulge woke pleadings, the release of Ms. Monopoly being a prime example.

How you got I was "upset" from that I don't know.

Right now D&D is very "woke-lite" - not enough to really alienate a significant portion of their fanbase.

I and others make the argument that enough signs show that WOTC will continue to ramp up the woke to the point they start to alienate fans and wind up in a similar situation to the comics divisions of Marvel and DC.

Others say HASBRO will not let the woke get to the point that it starts to affect the money train.

We'll see.
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