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Those Old Games Books in the Attic. Why Do You Keep Them?

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Jam The MF:
I don't want to get rid of my old books.  I go through phases where I rotate which ones are handy, and which ones are stored.  I usually alternate between White Box, 1E, 2E, 3E, and 3.5E /// and 4E, Pathfinder, and 5E.  One of those 2 groups, is usually the current hotness.  3.5E back, or 4E forward.  Lots to use, either way.

Shawn Driscoll:

--- Quote from: Greentongue on October 18, 2021, 07:08:43 AM ---How do you justify keep boxes of old game stuff?  How often has it even actually been reused?

--- End quote ---

I don't have boxes full of old games. I got rid of them years ago. What I do have are bookshelves full of RPG books that I reach for regularly from my desk. I read them. Get ideas from them. Write apps to simplify or mimic certain die rolls or chargen from rules I'm exploring.

I think the only book(s) I still have that I don't use is Top Secret (oh! and an early edition of Shadowrun). Car Wars gets played every couple of years.  All the D&D stuff gets used on a regular basis.

As to why I keep it? Because I might fund people to play a Top Secret or Shadowrun game. I likely won't, but the space they take vs the money I would get for them is negligible.

I'm a data packrat.  IMO all information has intrinsic value and should be preserved.  Fortunately with the advent of the digital age, that doesn't mean I need to become a hoarder

I hear a lot of variations on "I just like having the original books".

For me, it's just that: mostly an aesthetic/sensory decision. But I do regularly get rid of stuff and get other old stuff.


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