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Title: We are launching new RPG in 2021, try our DEMO now!
Post by: eva_brytenwalda on August 28, 2020, 08:23:36 AM
Hello everybody ^^

We are Brytenwalda Studios and we are launching a new RPG next year and would like you try our DEMO in Steam.

Beyond Mankind is a first-person single-player game set in both the future and prehistory. One day, you wake up, but your world has changed. You are a soldier of H.O.P.E., a brotherhood of warriors whose only mission is to recover Earth, an Earth that is now in the last stages of a nuclear winter.

As a soldier of H.O.P.E, you must travel 39,000 yeas ago, when a random genetic mutation created a new branch of humanity and they are trying to annihilate us. You are the one making choices and taking difficult decisions to face the enemy and save our world (if there is something similar to real life is just a coincidence, we promise)

You can also find us in Gamescom this year until 30th August and we will be online in Discord from 6pm to 8pm (CEST) if you want to join an chat with us.


We are not sure if we can share links here about Discord and Steam but if they must be removed, let me know:



Thank you guys and let's save the world together!