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Wraethu and Vicious Sack Beatings

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Levi Kornelsen:

--- Quote from: RPGPundit ---I like how all of you are talking about wierd aliens with multiple penile appendages and other bizzare sex organs, yet the guy who talks about evil ponies is the "sad" one...
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Okay, funny.

To me, though, Pie'oh'pah was oddly compelling not just for the weird gender-bending deal.  There was also the weird "you see what you desire" thing, which could have been cast as "the character is queen bee!", but was instead slightly bitter.  And the whole 'magically bound personal loyalty' bit.

Basically, the character had depth.

Much of the time, "freak" characters have only one thing going for them - their freakiness.  And that's crappy.


The Yann Waters:

--- Quote from: Levi Kornelsen ---Basically, the character had depth.
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Now that is something I absolutely agree with: Constantine's characters are shallow in comparison.

A little tidbit about Pie's loyalty for those unfamiliar with the novel: after the earlier attempt at the Reconciliation of the Imajica had failed catastrophically, Gentle (known as Maestro Sartori at the time) told Pie to perform a certain feit on him, an enchantment which would rewrite all his memories again and again so that he wouldn't have to live with the knowledge that his actions had nearly destroyed the world. Desolate, the mystif asked what it would then do without its master, who replied that it could become a whore or a killer for all he cared. And because of that offhand remark, for the next two hundred years that's exactly what Pie was: an assassin and a prostitute.


--- Quote from: fonkaygarry ---


--- Quote from: RPGPundit ---Oh wait.. its two different grins.  That just makes the whole thing even creepier... :eyecrazy:

Its like there's a secret cult of Wraeththu fans out there that use certain keywords to identify each other, one of them aparently being the word "grim" in their username.

I mean, sweet christ, if this is true we have to find these fuckers, bring them out and throw them to the fucking lions! And right quick before they take us out from within!

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Don't you mean "take us from behind"?


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