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When did you first start to notice the SJW takeover of the hobby?

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GamerGate, for me. Once video games became increasingly obnoxious (not just social justice, but also microtransactions and loot boxes), I started looking to traditional media for entertainment ithat was more permanent. Wasn't long after that Marvel NOW happened, then Disney buying Star Wars, movies deleting red headed characters (I'm red headed, as are my kids), etc. Miniature games were largely apolitical for a while. After BLM and Games Workshop telling their fans to go away, I came to RPGs - only to discover that they may be the most fucked bunch of them all.

Basically, since GamerGate, it has been moving from one hobby to another, just in time to see it collapse. It was like an apocalypse tour, with RPGs being post apocalypse (though I've found some amazing older stuff). Now, it appears I'm continuing my apocalypse tour with democracy and free speech. Have to admit, watching these fall stings.

When Gygax started using the more inclusive "he or she" in the late 70's.


--- Quote from: Kael on September 09, 2021, 01:47:16 PM ---When Gygax started using the more inclusive "he or she" in the late 70's.

--- End quote ---

I've taken the position that we should just call everyone "he." Anything else foments discord and disunity. Plus, as far as older literature goes where "he" was the default, going forward with "he" essentially retcons all that stuff to include everyone, which was largely the intent anyway.

I don't think SJWs have taken over the hobby. They certainly have positions of power at the moment, but my observations at FLGS lead me to conclude that it's a passing interest for them. The obvious SJW groups I see are clearly having less fun actually playing these games than the regular schmucks like me. The last group I saw, the GM spent the entire session talking emphatically while a bunch of woke-looking folx just sat around and nodded and sheepishly looked down at their character sheets from time to time. This was the MO every time I saw this group. Nobody looked like they were having fun by any means.

Long ago. When political correctness appeared in everything ("he or she"). There was a break in the early 1980's because of the threat of WW3- equalists always vanish when things get dangerous- but it returned in force after Gorbachev took power in 1985.

It really started going into high gear during the 1990's, and it's been downhill ever since.

You must keep in mind that we didn't get here overnight, we are simply seeing that latest stages of a plan that has been in place before I was ever born. This is why SJWs, noted for their short attention spans, never seem to go away on the whole- the ones behind them won't allow it. Once they get ahold of something then they will remain, destroying any opposing voices.

Not a takeover, just a loud and obnoxious bunch. Luckily you can spot then from a mile away, easier to ignore. Stop supporting and acknowledging them, eventually they’ll go away.


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