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What's to be done about homelessness?

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--- Quote from: Ghostmaker on January 21, 2021, 08:22:54 AM ---Yeah, that works till you run out of other people's money.

Though with the newly anointed Pederast In Chief, I expect some of these big-spender blue states will be coming hat in hand to the federal government for bailouts. Sleepy Joe already plans, supposedly, to remove the SALT (state and local tax) cap on federal tax deductions, which means once again states with lower taxes will be propping up the ones with higher.

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From what I read, red states with lower taxes tend to be *more* dependent on federal money. Blue states tend to have higher GDP per capita, and thus bring in more federal tax money more than federal aid. In the Wallethub study below, for example, the most dependent were New Mexico, Kentucky, and Mississippi - while the least dependent were Kansas, New Jersey, and Delaware.

If you dispute these, do you have an another source that shows different results, where blue states are more federally dependent?

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New Mexico hasn't been a red state for decades.

David Johansen:
I've got a thought on making "housing first" work without dropping the whole problem on any one neighborhood.

Put houses with six to eight bedrooms at least half a mile from each other, pay back half the rent over the course of the month if chores are done and the house passes muster.  The rooms have a bed, a closet and a desk.  Each house has a kitchen, I don't know how to get around that, delivering meals would cost more.

The "rent" would probably have to come from government or charitable institutions.  I'm not sure whether it would be better to let people pick their housemates or not.  Probably as they'd just rearrange to suit themselves anyhow.

My area of town is near the homeless shelter and I think about the problem a lot.  Probably because the city keeps on dumping the problems in my neighborhood and making things worse.

Check out the video "Spanish Lake."


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