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What's to be done about homelessness?

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Lack of affordable housing due to high competition and low availability is the major factor for homelessness where I live.  High rent to income ratios for people with no savings get people in trouble quick.  And no not just bums.  Regular people with jobs are living out of their car.  Some of them never even lost their job.  The solution is the incentivize development of apartments buildings to combat the shortage but there is a lot of pushback from single family home owners. 

Homelessness is really exploding in my area.   There are more camps than I’ve ever seen. 

 In my county there are so many damn hoops to leap through when building a home. It's really, really hard to do now unless you have a spare million lying around, and it keeps getting harder. I work in construction, and even though it's flipping central California where it never dips below 25 degrees F, they're having us build homes with R-values appropriate for real winter climates. I live in a cabin I built myself, but I was only able to do so by doing it illegally without permits.

Tiny homes offer a kind of solution, because if they're mobile they bypass most of these restrictions. But even if every homeless person in the state gets their own and a flippin Tesla truck to pull it around in that will do nothing to help with the drug and mental illness problem.

Isn't there always some tiny little Nordic country that has dealt with all of this in some effective way? Are there homeless in Stockholm?


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--- Quote from: Ratman_tf on January 14, 2021, 10:12:50 PM ---The problem with homelessness isn't the affordability of housing, despite the propoganda to the otherwise, the problem is the homeless are incapable of holding down a job and home due to their issues with drugs and or mental health.
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Well there's homelessness and there's homelessness. A lot of homeless people have jobs, live out of cars, etc. They're just not visible at all unlike drug (or often alcohol) addicted street people. Lower housing prices would certainly help that class of people. The easiest way to help those people would be to take a battleaxe to restrictive zoning regulations on housing. When you restrict supply shortages are the inevitable result.

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Yep. I consider them seperate issues with seperate solutions. Affordable housing isn't going to help a schizophrenic who stops taking her meds and runs away. (A personal family example of mine.) or an addict who gets fired for work performance and tardiness.
Those people need targeted help with their issues.

Assuming Youtube hasn't deleted it yet, watch the documentary 'Seattle is Dying'.

Just a side note, I'm still peeved that so many cities are downright hostile to tiny homes.  This is really an ideal solution for many people.


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