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So did Hittites have pointy-toed shoes or not?

The Good Assyrian:

--- Quote from: Sigmund ---So did Hittites have pointy-toed shoes or not?
--- End quote ---

Fucked if I know!  And I'm an Assyrian...we ate those guys for breakfast.  :pundit:


Yes, teh Hittities were famous for their pointy toed shoes (the elf ones that curl up at the end), though they used the same design element in things like swords too, so I think they just had a thing for curly points..

And pointy toes are STILL popular in Turkey, well some areas anyway...

I'm a dropout. So my knowledge of history comes from self-study, and tends to be eclectic. Being a wargamer back when helped. I do know enough to know that the official records are not always an accurate account of what happened.

Wow -- lots of historians here!  That's not too surprising, I suppose, as I can imagine how an interest in history could lead one to be interested in RPGs (and vice versa).

I'm a political philosopher myself (BA in political science from U of Toronto; MPhil in political theory from Oxford; and PhD in philosophy from U of Michigan).  

Currently I teach in the philosophy department at Trinity College, University of Dublin.  

You historians might already know that Trinity was established by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592.  Famous alumni include the philosophers George Berkeley and Edmund Burke, and the writers Jonathan Swift and Samuel Beckett.  As a Protestant institution, Catholic Irish were for many centuries suspicious of Trinity.  Until the mid-1960s, Catholics who attended Trinity could be excommunicated by the Church unless they received special permission to attend.  That's all in the past, though, as today most (80 percent) of the students are Catholic.


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