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Ukraine is under attack. It's a full on war.

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Jam The MF:
The shit pot is being stirred, hard and fast.

  It has more or less been a war since 2014.  Russia just decided to make a big move sensing weakness in geopolitical adversaries (especially the countries that like to spend all their time lamenting how terrible their founders were and how terrible their societal structures are) and the calculated likelihood it could bring Ukraine or a large swatch of it back to mother Russia. 

  I have no idea how successful Russia will be in that endeavor.  I suspect it is the beginning of some other activity around the globe, China is up next with their big move.  I hope all these moves are resolved in ways that have the smallest loss of life and destruction.  The ripples from these events once they happen are going to be felt for decades.

  I do see on interesting thing in a lot of the CNN clips.  They keep showing, and talking about how Ukraine is passing out AKs to the civilians and how great that is to arm the population.   That sure seems counter to the usual talk from CNN (civilians can not fight an army, no need for firearms owned by the public, firearm ownership is for hunting, etc)  regarding the "people" and firearms.  I have no idea how much firearms experience the average Ukrainian has, so that might make for interesting results.  It looks like Ukraine is hoping to get civilians killed for propaganda after the fact though.

Shrieking Banshee:
Half the country would prefer to unify with russia and the military either pussied out or was bribed.

Its a full on war with generally low casualties because there are few military folk actually fighting.


--- Quote from: oggsmash on February 25, 2022, 08:18:12 AM --- It looks like Ukraine is hoping to get civilians killed for propaganda after the fact though.

--- End quote ---

Do not forget this, because it is correct and accurate


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