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theRPGsite acts as a historical archive of sorts already, in part for my old blog entries.  So much so that in the recent idiotic campaign to try to blacklist me, the mods of theRPGsite have spotted people like rpgnet/SA-mod "Ettin" spending considerable time poring through posts from almost a decade ago, in their desperate attempt to find some "dirt" to use against me.

But I've just been clued into the fact that there's often a lot of stuff that some of the Outrage Brigade have written that would qualify as very Bad Behaviour indeed; and rather than standing by the history of what they said, they often try to edit or delete their own messages as soon as it becomes inconvenient or they think people might use it against them.

So I'm offering the Pundit's forum of theRPGsite as a place where you can copy/paste anything you've noticed any of the Outrage Brigade saying, whether in the heat of the moment or because they thought none of us "unwashed masses" they so despise were listening.  You can post any of their bad behaviour there, where it will stay on the internet as a historical record, so that anytime they try to engage in crusades against people they disagree with, their own words and actions will be available to be shown to potential employers or publishers so that the context of their bullshit can be made clear.

Note that what I want is just a posting of the true historical record. Unlike the Outrage Brigade, we don't need to make up any lies to make sure everyone (in the RPG publishing industry and the hobby in general) knows just how toxic they are.

This thread will remain stickied in the Pundit's forum.

NOTE: this thread is NOT for posting any commentary. Please ONLY post copied evidence of misbehaviour by the Outrage Brigade here.  Please do not respond to or answer posts here. Anyone who wishes to can start a separate thread to address specific things said or posted here.  Any post that is not just a presentation of evidence for archival purposes will be deleted.

NOTE 2: Also, this is NOT the site for posting stuff like "oh, this guy banned me from rpgnet", unless it involves something that shows a wider pattern of bad behaviour in in the name of pseudo-activism, 'social justice warrioring', etc.
"an RPGnet mod banned me because I questioned whether golarion was really racist or not" is not news.
This is not just the place for posting highly personal slights.


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Seriously, tumblr, if somebody stabs RPGpundit or Zak S, I will provide an alibi for them.

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August 1, 2014 (1:15 am)
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#you will make the world a better place
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SJW implying that sex is an obligation in relationships.

Then gets defensive when called on it, but makes it worse.

Apparently cutting a significant other off from sex because of a lack of interest is hurting someone all of the time.

Zak S:
"That being said, harem anime is pathetic and disgusting. Fetish anime ditto. Hentai anime ditto. "


Zak: "You said: "Do I want Hyun Tae Kim to stop making art now and forever? No "But you say you're "against" it. What then are you suggesting he himself actually do? Or that other people do about it?Are you just saying he should keep making it and people should just keep complaining about it until he's unpopular?"

Another interlocutor: ""I won't presume to speak for Wundergeek, but here's my own thoughts on the question of how to deal with people who like this stuff.It's really an issue of context, in my mind. Under some contexts, what they're doing is clearly unproblematic (eg. the BDSM subculture, which from my understanding is very concerned about issues of consent and meta-consent despite the lack of consent being a turn-on), and under some contexts, it clearly is (eg. the jerk who really doesn't care whether partners are hurt or not, as long as there aren't legal repercussions).It's really impossible to say which group the people who like HTK's artwork fall under, so we can only roll our eyes at their bad taste.HTK himself, on the other hand, is much easier to condemn, because his choice to aim his artwork at an audience composed largely of young males whose lust for compromised female bodies is not anchored by a strong foundation of respect for women's meta-level wishes implies that he doesn't see a need for context in the first place.What should be done about it seems to follow naturally from the idea of context — kick it out of the mainstream, where it's likely to be misinterpreted, and allow it to be provided in spaces where the necessary context is known and agreed upon. That's probably still not ideal for its fans, but the level of harm that could be done by it seems smaller than the level of harm done by the perpetuation of consent brinksmanship."

Wundergeek: "Yes. That"

Zak S:
Ben Lehman:

"And [George RR] Martin is pretty much expressive, not offensive, to the basic ideas of gender in our culture. (added) He is pretty much like "women should be raped to make them docile."


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