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Author Topic: The Year in Review  (Read 627 times)


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The Year in Review
« on: December 25, 2006, 10:30:03 AM »
I have been blessed with the fact that, with one exception, every year of my life since my 16th has been a bit better than the previous. I guess it was karmic payback for a shitty childhood.  Whatever the reason, I cannot complain.  Someone had once described false pride as "someone who was born on third base but thinks he's scored a triple". As for me, I recognize that I was born on second, and I'm grateful to whatever force of chance or destiny put me there.  But I also know that I've stolen third, and that was entirely on my own initiative. I did that, and I can be pleased at both my good fortune and my accomplishment.

So, this year was another good year. A little better than the last.  Like I said, they've all been, except for 2001, but that one was just an all-around assraping for the entire planet, a perfect storm of world events and my own personal drama combining in the worst possible way.
I'm very happy here in Uruguay, I'm grateful for my friends, in all social environments. My work goes well. And I think this Blog goes well. I was stunned, shocked by the level of response its had, by the number of people who read it, and the number that comment, and the number that send me e-mail; and the review copies of games, and more than anything else the recognition that all it took was a place on the internet where this kind of discussion could be had, for it to become very clear that there is a "silent majority" of gamers who are just as pissed off about the Swine and just as frustrated about the problems with the current industry and hobby, and were only waiting for someone to be able to freely voice that to make themselves known as well.
And its very good to know that I have people who are listening in the parts of the industry that really matter.

So there we go.  I knock on wood and I trust in myself that next year will be better than the last, and that I'll be able to keep providing you all with the artful striking of the flaming keystrokes of TRUTH.

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