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The Problem with White Wolf

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The Yann Waters:

--- Quote from: Sojourner Judas ---Given the dizzying array of different methods a character can toss "a fireball," both in-character and ruleswise, it just makes sense that it all boils down to "roll to hit, apply successes to damage, soak if applicable."
--- End quote ---
Since the system has to cover just about every imaginable possibility, yes. (Correspondence: "I open a tiny portal to the core of the nearest volcano, blasting the enemy with a stream of molten magma.")


--- Quote from: Sojourner Judas ---I think a lot of folks didn't like Justin Achilli primarily because he took Vampire a lot less seriously than the fanbase, and made no bones about refusing to treat people as special snowflakes.
--- End quote ---

Justin and I agree on those points.  And yet I still think he's a jerk.  Why?  Because he was always on the forefront of any WW-related fiasco, flinging shit with the rest of the primates, but always hiding behind lame excuses like "you don't understand how things work at White Wolf".  Well, here we all are, Mr. Achilli, waiting for you to explain it to us dullwitted plebians.  Someone who fights fair either sticks with the cards he can actually lay on the table or shuts the hell up.


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