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The bizarre Project Veritas vs New York Times feud


Let's see if I can sum this up:
-Project Veritas is currently in the process of suing New York times for defamation
-Project Veritas obtained a stolen or lost diary, allegedly revealing bad things about the Biden family, but can’t verify if it’s real, so they don’t publish it. They give it to law enforcement.
-Project Veritas gets raided by the FBI, apparently because they fear that PV has info from the diary, indicating that it’s almost certainly real
-New York Times then publishes info seemingly obtained in that raid, including information about discussions between lawyers and their clients. All of this sounds like it is decidedly illegal and banana-republic-style corrupt.
-The New York Times article criticizes Project Veritas for spying, which, even if true, is one of the most hilariously tone deaf and ironic things I have ever heard.


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