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Terry Brooks and Peter V Brett on cancel culture, in the mildest of words

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So, I think this might be a bigger moment than it might seem: Terry Brooks, godfather of post-Tolkien fantasy, and Peter V Brett, author of the "Demon Cycle", one of the more innovative takes on "traditional" epic fantasy, discuss Peter's new novel, "The Desert Prince", and - not in those words - how SJWs are becoming a problem for fantasy literature.

[Relevant part starts around 12:00, gets more specific around 19:30, goes on until about 25:00.]

Worth a look, I think, if only because it does so much to take the bipolarity out of the debate. Like the Pundit, I have no skin in the game when it comes to US-centered political discussion, but I'd like the needless and embarrassing drama to stay out of my hobby. - So, I take this as an important moment in the debate: Here are two of the most successful writers in the genre saying loud and clear that they're not happy with recent developments. Might not be controversial enough for Kotaku, might get missed by Twitter altogether, but still - this is as direct a statement as we are going to get by two of the needle movers in the genre. That's cool, and that feels like a step into the right direction to me.


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The video, BTW, is a public re-upload of a private stream for fans from about a month ago. More than 60 people saw this one.

Also, I haven't read "The Desert Prince", nor do I plan to do, so any time soon - like, you know, saying this with positivity: Nothing against the book, and I like non-traditional fantasy, but - I'm reading the "Necroscope" series as my "big read" for the fall/winter, and I'm not planning ahead beyond that one. Oh, well, maybe I do. I've read part of the "Demon Cycle", though, and, in my estimation, Brett is an able writer who tells an interesting and engaging story.

Godfather Punk:
Thanks for sharing this. Now they have 62 Views (we'll see the RPGSte effect tomorrow, I guess  :) ).

And I have discovered a new writer and have a new series to read.

:) My pleasure. The "Demon Cycle" is really good - YA-ish, of course, but still engaging and fresh. Reminded me a lot of Brooks - and of David Farland, as well. There's an old anime series "Legend of Basara" that I felt goes into the same direction - and I think I'm probably not entirely out of line if I suggest that Brett might have taken the idea for his intersex character from there. The point is, though, that he seems to be a fantasy writer, through and through: For him, it's about the genre, not about social commentary and virtue signaling. Unless his future books completely suck, I think he has all the potential to go down in history as one of the great fantasy writers of our time.

Theory of Games:
No. Pundit DOES have a decidedly Conservative viewpoint, politically. He, in my opinion, destroys

his great opinions by attaching them to the Republican Right. Because the GOP and the Left vote

along the same lines. Like Ralph Nader said, Left & Right are two sides of the same coin.

They're all BS.


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