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Terry Brooks and Peter V Brett on cancel culture, in the mildest of words

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I have not read any of Peters books but he sounds really slimy in this video.

But at least he made sure that 50% of his characters were female.


--- Quote from: Shasarak on September 09, 2021, 08:24:06 PM ---I have not read any of Peters books but he sounds really slimy in this video.

But at least he made sure that 50% of his characters were female.

--- End quote ---

I thought so too, or at least; there’s a point of view there that I have seen SO often and that makes me cringe.

 I mean, he says that he thought long and hard about a character changing sex, and at the same time it sounds like he puts males and females 50-50 in all roles from what he’s saying, “what it means to be male or female” comes up with no answer (as usual) and the evergreen “our society puts us in boxes”. I feel like saying: That’s what you came up with? Did the word “biology” ever enter I your mind? What about “hormones”? Are males physically stronger? Of course, maybe those aren’t really concerns in his fantasy world, but I bet women still somehow get pregnant. If you take those things out, and you blur what males and females do in general, then I can answer the question “what it means to be male or female” : it means absolutely nothing anymore. And to me that is the most boring stance when it comes to gender. 

Maybe he DOES address some of these things? Doesn’t sound like it from what I’m hearing.

Yeah, Brett is not making himself shine here. Then again, the question is, would it be in his best interest to make a non-standard statement on the issue? - Like, what can he say that doesn't lead to his own destruction? My impression of him is - he's probably been outlining his stories for over a decade now, and he didn't foresee the late-2010s hysteria about gender. Now, he just wants to write his story as he's planned to do, without having to make concessions to the zeitgeist. Of course, that makes him look pretty disingenuous, at times, but if the gist of what he's saying is "please leave me alone with this", then I can live with that.

Personally, I obviously watched the video for Brooks, and I think it's interesting to listen to what he and some of his oldschool colleagues are saying on the issue: Always polite, but always decided. "Fantasy is not for this." - And that's cool. Brooks, has perhaps three or four books left in him before he retires completely: In this interview, and in other past ones, it's becoming increasingly clear that he doesn't give a crap about a lot of what is going on right now, and that he resents some editorial decisions that were made for Shannara in the wake of "Harry Potter" and "The Hunger Games". --- It's a joy to behold.  :P

All I am seeing is "Not pure enough" bullshit takes.

OK then. Be the same type of puritans you hate on the SJW side I guess?

Just to clarify - I'm perfectly alright with what Brett is saying. This is a guy who counts his book sales in the millions; he's unlikely to kick a hornet's nest for no good reason.

Now, his statements are nonetheless pretty important because there aren't many writers out there who even speak about this; I think the fallout of the Isabel Fall Shitstorm might have loosened some tongues here and there, but beyond very, very lo-fi and measured comments, we have not really seen any sort of real response yet.

So, Brett's and Brooks' comments are notable, however tame or boring one might consider them. As far as I'm concerned, no need for them to say more, and no reason for anyone to demand more of them. They are clearly viewing this outside of any current political debate; that's cool, and that's how one would wish that more people saw it. The "internet thought police" is bad regardless of which team it decides to endorse.


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