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Author Topic: Something they DEFINITELY don't want you to see: Proud Boys & Latinos For Trump  (Read 1234 times)


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Well, to be fair, there is one situation where communism works very well indeed.

Convents and monasteries. Those gatherings of men and women dedicated to God are usually run along communist lines, with the unifying aspect being their religious vows.  I can't testify as to how Buddhist monasteries are run, so I won't speak for them.

But y'know, if communism was so awesome, they should've needed border controls to keep people OUT. Not in.


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Communism on a national scale is stupid as fuck.  Communism only works on a small scale but even then you need some sort of reinforcement mechanism via religion or elders or something.
That's like saying capitalism works fine, but you need some kind of reinforcement mechanism like a justice system that enforces property laws. Which is true, but fairly meaningless, because it's one of the basic principles.

More generally, communism, at least in the popular usage of the word, works in small tight-knit communities with a strong web of social ties, usually familial. It's a fairly natural form of organization, and often works side by side with trade and even authoritarianism (family structures are rarely democratic, after all). There have been non-authoritarian attempts to extend the model to larger groups (Kropotkin is probably the premiere thinker in this area), but they tend to fall apart. This is seen in the various anarcho-communist communes and squatters in various European states, where they leech off the grid and give out free meals to anyone who asks, but then they have to switch back to payments because people take more than they give, and never become independent of the infrastructure of the state that surrounds them. Larger more successful examples include the Israeli kibbutzes, and there have even been nation-sized examples in Catalan and the Ukraine in the early part of the 20th century, though they both collapsed.

This should be distinguished from Marxism, which justifies totalitarian control with the promise of a future paradise where everyone will be free. No explanation is given for how the future paradise will be achieved, and Marx specifically rejected the idea that people should even try to describe it, on the grounds that it requires a change in the nature of humanity that can't be understood except by those future humans. But the lack of any attempt to describe how the paradise will be achieved becomes a selling point, because with no details it's harder to find flaws (which is how the utopian communists who pre-dated Marx were discredited). The totalitarian control is usually instituted by violence, but even the ones that gain popular support and are democratically elected soon seize control and do what any small group of people granted unfettered power do: They strengthen their positions and institutionalize their oligarchy, using any means necessary. They end up like any other authoritarian state, except with an almost religious fervor that they use to justify their acts in the service of a brilliant (but unreachable) future.


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  Free speech is fine and well.  I would say though, when a person is an avowed marxist or communist, that means a good deal more than just having an opinion.  Such a person is going to act and use money and everything they can within their risk tolerance to destroy the existing government/system.  It is one of the requirements to install marxism/communism.  It is a system marked in ALL cases by raging totalitarianism when implemented on a state level.  People who espouse these sorts of beliefs are stated, flat out enemies of the United States as it has functioned to this point.  I guess "hope and change" means wreck the existing system with commie bullshit.

    As for military officers feeling awfully chummy about marxism, well I guess the dates certainly match up to a time when the Commander in Chief, who stated openly in his own book that all his friends and mentors in college were marxists, socialists, and communists.  I can tell you in the 90's there was a COMPLETELY different tone towards those philosophies.  To have a nation there has to be some sort of underlying ethos or beliefs that are unifying.   Communist or marxist leanings are exactly contrary to what the United States has been since founding.  I do not exactly understand why people feel the need to be friendly with stated enemies.