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So, how about that Rittenhouse trial?

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Last update, the prosecution's witness Grosskreutz (sp?) admitted that he first drew on Rittenhouse, making the self-defense case.
Grosskreutz being a convicted felon for Burglary, not being in legal possession of the handgun he was photographed with at the scene.

Any guesses to outcome?
Full acquittal?
Minor, state level charges to keep the rioters from burning down the town?

It's like an episode of Arrested Development in real life!


--- Quote from: RPGPundit on November 09, 2021, 07:26:10 PM ---It's like an episode of Arrested Development in real life!

--- End quote ---
Or an episode of Futurama with the chicken lawyer.

Legal Insurrection's coverage of Day 5 was devastating:

Since everything's looking positive, based on my faith in the system, I fully expect Rittenhouse will be convicted on all accounts and summarily executed, and then his body will be thrown to the People's Revolution.

De Bruin testimony is a hoot...  Within the first 10 seconds he makes the prosecution look like the scumbags they are.  And it just gets better after that


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