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These are from June of last year... someone should really get around to updating them, I'm sure I've said things much more aggresive and vitriolic since then.

RPGpundit's Top 30 Quotes of All Time.
[This should make his ego explode in size] Wink

What is really naive is your belief that you are impressing anyone with this intellectual equivalent of a penis-size challenge.

Now run along and get back to talking about rainbows, or whatever the hell you were doing before you decided that I am "teh enemy of the group".

I will leave it to others to explain to you how absolutely assinine your assertion really is.

...what with the all-knowing magic deer and all?

...the PCs could always just focus on killing Tylis, leaving the Hart right where it is, and thus get rid of two tyrants at once...

Ah, but unlike many on here, I DO actually run the game.

But I think that would put you in the minority of gamers, even Blue Rose gamers by a long shot. I would suspect the average gamer is a bit more intelligent than that, and wants something a bit more sophisticated.

So please, next time don't project your own mental capacities on your fellow blue rose fans, its a bit denigrating to them.

So again, this is just a good example of the completely unrealistic two-tone manichean philosophizing that only ever really works in fantasy novels, usually bad ones.

Theocratical collectivism is no better than pinko-hippy collectivism.

...because the premise of the game is that obviously anyone who disagrees with Aldis' fundamental values is either stupid/ignorant or evil. So much for tolerance....

...why not create a more effective ideological foil... say, a nearby genuine Republic founded on the principles of liberty, individual freedoms, and self-sufficiency...

You're discriminated against and barred from having a say in your own destiny by the magic deer because you think incorrect thoughts.

People are doomed to forever be well-cared for pets of the magic deer.

...why not create forums for people to discuss using True 20 in fantasy settings that aren't based on flawed feminist sociopolitical theorys?

but doesn't it fit with te genre? I mean, I don't really know, having read very little feminist fantasy fiction, but I would just sort of assume that evil sorcerers casting patriarchal politically incorrect magic would end up horribly deformed or go nuts because of it (i mean more nuts than they already are for being so evilly patriarchal and all).

...overthrow the stupid deer god who says they can't be nobles just because they believe in having a good time and not having to wear a safety helmet every time they go riding?

Anyways, GR could fix all these problems, by correcting the offensive alignment rules, and by having one of those "distant countries" be a place where democracy, property rights, and individual merit (not ideology) determine the form of government.

Then make it just as utopic as they've chosen to view Aldis, to prove that Aldis was really not a product of their own political biases.

I've never seen nikchick or snead specifically say that they know that Aldis' politics and system actually suck ass in real life.

I could also see myself having fun in Aldea if there was some damn way to play it where Aldis and the magic deer and all the nanny-state-nobility was not "inherently right", and all the people who actually care about freedom "inherently evil".

...the entire setting bases its fluff on the concept that aldis is a perfect model government and that anyone who doubts this is evil or stupid, and it presents every other country as more deeply flawed than aldis.

Its actually more dystopic than Midnight.

...and that we will at some point see some other setting (ideally many other settings) for the true 20 rules, preferably not as saccharine and insipid as the present one.

...any campaigns set anywhere in Aldea will still assume that your ne'er do-well swashbuckling rogue who's in it for the gold is INHERENTLY WRONG.

Likewise your bloody-minded priest of a god of vengeance. INHERENTLY WRONG.

Your crusader crying out "deus volt!". WRONG.

Your Elrics, Fahfrds, Grey Mousers, Corwins (or the whole amber family), Conans, batmans, etc etc. ALL WRONG.

For that matter, your Thomas Jeffersons or Benjamin Franklins. WRONG.

In Aldis, he has three meals a day, gets to sing songs about the magic deer, and has the right to re-education if he thinks unhappy thoughts, but he will never have freedom, or even the potential to successfully fight for his freedom. Because if he tries, the Magic Deer will crush him.

...all people in Aldis are slaves of the magic deer...

It would also have been a perfect way to introduce people to the system who wouldn't buy the politically correct, preachy-fascism fest that is the Blue Rose setting...

...I still dislike the fact that I have to enjoy my True 20 system rules in a book tied in with such a horrid setting.

The more I think about it the more it pisses me off, that this fantastic ruleset is seemingly going to be stuck for years with this piece of garbage setting...

~You know I'm starting to get the idea that you don't like Blue Rose. :killingme:

Then there's the virulent homophobia inherent to the genre. :)


--- Quote from: mythusmage ---Then there's the virulent homophobia inherent to the genre. :)
--- End quote ---

There is?


--- Quote from: RPGPundit ---There is?
--- End quote ---

Have you ever noticed how twee all of Mercedes Lackey's faggots are? Queer as a 3 dollar bill and a 12 cent coin. Hard core Homosexual Correctness and don't you dare mention homosexuals who don't fit the mold.

Then you have the old bromide about humanity being divided into three groups; those who bonk gals, those who bank guys, and those who switch off on strictly equal op basis. No consideration for a nice gay chap who likes a bit of pussy every now and again. Homosexual Correctness says you must be a pure gay or straight, without the slightest deviation from their imposed norm.

In the romantic fantasy genre people are not allowed to be part of a continuum, they have to be lumped together at one extreme or another. It's romantic twaddle, it's crap, and I say stuff it.


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