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Author Topic: Imprison anyone who refuses the vax!  (Read 134070 times)


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Re: Imprison anyone who refuses the vax!
« Reply #1890 on: January 27, 2023, 03:06:46 PM »
Project Veritas released a major expose, showing a Pfizer executive bragging about the corporation hot-housing new viruses. Tumbleweed from most of the legacy media.

Indeed, some of them that reported on it have since removed their stories (like the Daily Mail). Nothing to see here, though.

Hey, he was trying to impress his Grindr date! FAKE NEWS!

I like how they are trying to scrub existence of this dude off the internet...
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Re: Imprison anyone who refuses the vax!
« Reply #1891 on: January 28, 2023, 08:36:04 AM »
Would we all agree we are so far past the point of French Revolution activities already?  What more proof do we need that it is time to exercise our rights as declared by the Founding Fathers and shitcan every single cunt running government, given the revelations of the Pfizer project veritas video, decades of purposefully stealing classified info by Biden, etc. Do we all agree that government, as current staffed, is full of corrupt people who need to not be in government?

For non-USians - good luck, we at least in the US have guns and a growing number of average everyday people ready and willing to open the door to armed insurrection, given the agenda of the globalists.

Joe Rogan explains those in his podcast when he talks about the leftists who commit violence (such as antifa) vs average citizens who have experience with violence in war and who've showed extended levels of restraint.  Compare the US to Brazil in this regard.  People in the US are inching closer to crossing that line.
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