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Author Topic: The new TSR  (Read 384 times)


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The new TSR
« on: July 27, 2021, 10:01:07 PM »
I downloaded and listened to RPGPundit's video about the new TSR, Ernie Gygax, and the "controversy" over his comments, and enjoyed it. I'd never heard of the new TSR so as an RPG gamer from the late 1970's this was all VERY informative.

Now for the "however" you knew was coming.

RPGPundit, you hit the nail on the head about the ridiculous "outrage" over it and your comments about such people was 100% spot on, but you did miss the point about "nostalgia" and what the "new" TSR is about.

Assuming Ernie Gygax and that company are being sincere then what they really mean by the old TSR and "the way it was" is NOT about gaming being frozen in time but rather what it was about and what was happening- back then.

Yes, there was innovation and such then, and now with independent efforts- your homebrews and my own (if it ever gets off the ground that is) being examples- but the new TSR is NOT about cashing in on nostalgia and that's that.

What they REALLY mean is the way things were back then OVERALL: playing the game and not worrying about being politically correct or having a neo-NKVD ready to kick in the door because of "orcs being an evil race." About making it enjoyable without worrying about having to have the perpetually offended "sensitivity readers" looking for something to be offended by. About rescuing beautiful scantily-clad damsels and slay Type 4 demons rather than playing a game about a...a prom?

(Sorry, folks, I'm still hoping that the prom game is a hoax.)

In other works the new TSR is not about keeping gaming in the year 1981 but rather recapturing what it was before cultural Marxist rot set in.

All right- now for the real points here:

1) First, all of you MUST understand how we ended up where we are today. What we see today is the result of things started long ago, only becoming more and more obvious here in the Western world in the past few decades. I am 55, and have seen how the process is increasingly, alarmingly, accelerating. There is a Latin saying that roughly means "faster towards the end" and that is where we are now. The Frankfurt School, those French pseudo-intellectuals RPGPundit spoke of, phony counterculture types like Abbie Hoffman, "sexologists" like Kinsey and Money, learn some history about it all, but be careful, it may point out some elephants in the room you cannot mention.

2) If losing money would turn corporations away from being "woke" then it would have happened by now. Marvel comic sales have been in the sewer for years now. Network shows are not doing well, Steven Colbert's ratings are awful, where are the annual "Star Wars" movies we were promised? Newspaper sales have been declining for years. There are numerous "explanations" from the mainstream entities for this, but as RPGPundit also pointed out most people despise SJWs and "woke" culture. Why then is the mainstream becoming more and more leftist so even newspaper comics push leftist agendas with the subtlety of an atomic bomb? Are they that utterly clueless, that utterly ignorant? No- it's about indoctrination, NOT about making money. The wealthy elite behind all of this, the "Saurons," heck the "Morgoths," channel money to various entities. It does not matter if media loses money...FROM THE PUBLIC that is, because they are getting it from elsewhere.
Folks, it's an effort to make it all seem "normal." Was it Joe Biden whom praised the show "Will and Grace" for helping normalize homosexuality? There's your answer, it's about influencing, not making money.

3) I've said it before and I'll say it again: much of what is happening NOW is because of the earlier generations going along with it or at least failing to stop it in its early stages, Baby Boomers in particular. If this was 1975 we would have much less to deal with but now, and please read this VERY carefully, this is what the leftists and "woke" have: almost absolute control of the media and outlets, control of the entire educational system, control of the science fiction and fantasy publishers, more and more control of pop culture overall, Big Government behind them, law enforcement (look up the "Duluth Model," and what happens when ANTIFA becomes violent (or what DOESN'T happen)), and wealthy shadowy elites able to fund almost anything. This is what we are up against. SJWs are useful idiots at best, symptoms at worst, of something that has been seeking to annihilate Western civilization for a long time.
We are at a crucial point in our history, approaching a collapse of what was. Remember: if I went back in time to late 1987 and told people that within several years the Soviet Union would totally collapse nobody would have believed me. Several years before any serious upheaval in human history everything seemed normal on the surface at least.

4) Under no circumstances look to Baby Boomers or any remaining of the so-called "Greatest Generation" for help. Reject any offers of "leadership." If any start complaining shut them up by asking two questions: "where the heck were you people while all of this was happening over the past fifty years? If you could stop any of it would we be here now?"

5) The above leads me to the whole point here: if in fact the "new" TSR is at all sincere about this then this: on a site called "Return of Kings" one of the final posts was "Conservatives are Losers," strange for such a site but it was true- leftists want to WIN at all costs and will do anything to do so but what do conservatives or even "normies" do? Nothing. I don't care how much tougher and stronger you are, if you just stand there and take it then Steve Urkel is going to beat you to death.

Do you want to know what the SJW cannon fodder in RPG gaming are doing right now? Do you want to know what the big shots really running the show are doing right now? They are watching to see what happens to a COMPANY known as the "new TSR!" If the "opposition" to the "woke" and SJWs do what they have been doing all along then that TSR will fail, without even a whimper or a mention in the obituaries. As usual.

Why then should anyone else try to start such a company for any product? Why should they not listen to the "woke?" Even if the SJWs make up only 3% of the population then that will be 3% more than any company can count on from the non-SJWs. The squeaking wheel gets the grease.
It is therefore absolutely imperative that the new TSR gets support. This is why I want to know how to contact them. If any of their products are even merely o.k. then buy something. They will listen to their customers because they must. Is there a problem with what they turn out? RPGPundit maybe you can give them a few tips, if you are as successful as you say they WILL listen to you and benefit. You are someone actually doing something but you are only one, it is companies, even small ones, the cultural Marxists fear, because those are the ones that reach the most people. Why should any company try to go against the current craziness if they know they will receive no backing? It's no longer about sales but to show that yes you CAN oppose leftism and succeed.

Folks, it took us a long time, generations, to get here. It has a huge amount of momentum behind it, so doing anything about it will not be easy. I cannot see the future like a psychic but this I can tell you: it's now or never. And it'll be up to us alone; don't look to Baby Boomers as a generation to help us, that isn't going to happen, but they may get in the way.

Hopefully this post doesn't violate any rules. But RPGPundit- that "Return of Kings" site was pressured to the point where it is now a dead site. What's to stop that from happening here now? There is no longer any time to waste on coming together.

I'm 55. My profile won't record this. It's only right younger members know how old I am.


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Re: The new TSR
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2021, 10:51:22 PM »
You're not wrong on most counts. But what I would point out is that "new TSR" is PRECISELY one of those Baby Boomer shills that you yourself point out we should not trust.

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Re: The new TSR
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2021, 10:51:59 PM »
I mean as a generation. But let's face it, that was a HUGE generation and by sheer numbers they could tip things one way or the other. Based on where we are which way they did tip things is all too obvious.

Can you link me to their site?
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I'm 55. My profile won't record this. It's only right younger members know how old I am.