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PTA Official Says Concerning Opponents of CRT: "LET THEM DIE!"

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The problem with communism was never that it "didn't work."

The problem with communism, as well as Critical Race Theory, Critical Theory, the "soft on crime because criminals are victims" approach, radical feminism, sexology (e.g. Kinsey), transexualism, etc. etc. is that it all always has and is working exactly the way it was all meant to work all along.


--- Quote from: GriswaldTerrastone on August 02, 2021, 07:08:46 PM ---The problem with communism was never that it "didn't work."

--- End quote ---

Just let me try, I am sure I can do it properly this time.

There's one situation in which communism does work, but when I invoke it the tankies get really pissed off. :D

Monasteries and convents are generally communist in practice. However, since they are groups bound together by a single higher ideal (glorification of God, natch), the communitards don't like it.


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