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NOTICE: Don't Come In If You're Going to Have A Bad Time. Show Some Self-Control

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If you're here on theRPGsite because you love RPGs, and don't want to be exposed to political topics, don't claim that theRPGsite is "ruined" by the Pundit's Forum because of it's political talk. No political talk is allowed on theRPGsite outside of the Pundit's Forum, and no one is putting a fucking gun to your head making you come in here.  The only thing "ruining" theRPGsite for yourself is YOUR lack of self-control in having to come and read threads that make you angry.

So if what you want is a forum where there's no political discussion, and where you can just talk about what really makes you happy (RPGs), there's a very simple solution for you: just show some goddamn self-control and stop going to the pundit's forum, and go only to the RPG or other forums.

If you really like the conversation on RPGs here, don't let something on a minor subforum ruin that for you. Exercise some fucking willpower and just ignore it. Because unlike RPGnet, there's no way it will spill over to affect you in some way, there's going to be no policies of enforced ideological conservatism, banning of leftist users or finding excuses to kick out people who don't like certain games by accusing them of being unpatriotic or something. The Pundit's Subforum has literally NO effect on any other part of the site, except the effect it has on your own head. If you don't like it, just pretend it doesn't exist, STOP FUCKING READING IT, and you'll see it will no longer affect your experience of RPG-discussion here in any way.

Because if you can't do that, it's not the forum that's the problem: it's you. Stop blaming the site or myself or other posters for YOUR lack of personal discipline, or your deluded obsession with thinking that you must peek into the Pundit's forum because people must know your valuable thoughts on the issues of the day, which you only share because you're a self-sacrificing martyr for truth rather than a narcissistic fucktard.

In other words, Do what thou wilt. But own it. If the thing you really like is all the RPG talk, that hasn't gone away, it hasn't been 'tainted', it's just that you need to stop reading threads on the Pundit's Sub-forum.  Go back to what you actually love. If deep down, you really like reading threads about politics that sometimes outrage you, quit fucking pretending that you're all indignant about it.

From now on, any indignant moron who pipes up about how awful the Pundit's Subforum is, or how toxic it is for the site, or how it has 'ruined' theRPGsite, should be referred to this thread. Thank you.

Doc Sammy:
The thing is, despite our disagreements, I kind of actually like your sub-forum on here, all things considered.

But generally speaking, you are on the mark on this one.

Someone's feeling very touchy today, did someone say a bad thing?

No, it's the product of a long period of people talking about what a terrible political turn this site has taken, when what they really mean "there's politics I disagree with in one tiny section of theRPGsite that I could perfectly well not read and it would in no way continue to affect my experience of theRPGsite if I didn't, but I have so little self-control that I have to go and look, and then blame the Pundit for how offended I feel"

James Gillen:
If this message was a sticky at, it would be a much saner place.



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