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--- Quote from: GriswaldTerrastone on August 02, 2021, 10:30:19 PM ---The two cannot go together, but this never seems to occur to them. Point this out this way, and watch the smoke come out of their ears like "Norman" from that old "Star Trek" episode with the androids.

--- End quote ---

They can go together.  First, Hillary did win the popular vote.  But our elections are not decided by popular vote.  Losing a few thousand votes for sexism could explain the difference.  Keep in mind that 100,000 votes between Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin would have resulted in a different election.  Under the rules of how elections happen, a relatively small number of people who are not ready for a female president (and they DO exist) could be the difference.  So maybe 'America isn't ready for a female president' isn't 100% true, but 'enough people in America aren't ready for a female president' may be true. 

Secondly, because of the small margin in the critical states, disinformation could have had a major impact.  If you consider a vote for Gary Johnson as a protest vote (as opposed to an ideological choice), if those votes had gone to Hillary she would have flipped the three states mentioned before as well as Florida. 

When your house is destroyed by a flood surge from a hurricane but ALSO would have been destroyed by the wind, the law says to treat it as both so your insurance company can't screw you.  Ie, if both individually are sufficient to create the effect, you assume that they both occurred concurrently. 


I know all about the Electoral College and how our system works- since the late 1970's- but no.

If people aren't "ready for a female President" it's because ever since second wave feminism back in the 1960's leftist women have flooded various aspects of the workplace, the legal professions, name it- look at the results. To someone my age, who was around for over half a century, it's been a massive failure. NOTHING has gotten better, but things are worse. You don't seem to realize that this entire nation is a time bomb ready to explode at any time; walking around I detect hostility and unhappiness I never felt even during the crime wave of the mid-1980's.

You contradict yourself. If Hillary did win the POPULAR vote then my point stands- she won the popular vote, therefore the American population chose a female President. Whether it was by the Big Bad Russians (who were mysteriously absent in 2020) or by the Electoral College or by Skeletor (it doesn't matter) she was robbed, and that can happen to anyone. And quite frankly it seems as though she didn't win the popular vote. Again my age: I remember the election between Mondale and Reagan and how the media made it seem as though it was a coin toss right to the very end even though they finally had to admit Reagan won by a landslide. This was back in 1984 for crying out loud so do you think the media, more "woke" than ever, would ever admit Trump actually won in 2016? The same media that pushed the Rolling Stone rape hoax which I knew from the start was a hoax? It was that obvious, but that did not matter.

The problem Hillary had was that while Obama was a sort of blank to most people so they could project what they liked or didn't like into him Hillary was known, and too many people did not like it. If she had divorced Bill after the Monica Lewinsky fiasco it might have hurt her in the short term but in the long term people would have figured she at least had some standards- but instead she was clearly someone who would do anything to gain power.

Also, it is interesting you fail to mention the people, especially feminists, who voted for her JUST BECAUSE she was a woman- therefore your "sexism" would at the very least cancel out.

I've been around maybe for too long. I've seen this all time and again. And I'm just tired of things.


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