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NOTICE: Don't Come In If You're Going to Have A Bad Time. Show Some Self-Control

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If you guys want to object to a ban or to a policy, that is fine, but can you take it to the Help Desk. This thread isn't a general discussion thread.

Anon Adderlan:

--- Quote from: Headless;945600 ---I see that.  Anyone else get the boot?
--- End quote ---

5 Stone Games

What's funny is how JArcane is complaining about how this site doesn't ban individuals like these in the 'How does your game fight fascism' thread on

People have just disappeared up their own assholes it seems, and ignore anything that challenges their established assumptions. So business as usual, only the #Internet really does make that harder to fix.


--- Quote from: Headless;945452 ---Ok I get it this is your space you can do what you want.  But I want to talk politics with people who role dice for fun with out having to caper for your amusement.  I don't know why I want to argue with crusader and his ilk its bad for my blood pressure but I do.  I mean if I don't tell him he'll keep being wrong:)

You have given yourself absolute and arbitry censorship powers, its lame.
--- End quote ---

This site has no "politics" subforum and is not meant to.  My forum was explicitly not designed with that purpose. So if you get to enjoy some politics in it, great, but it was set up from the get-go for me to decide what's talked about in there.

Tristram Evans:
Looks like RPGnet mods are still promoting the Failforward article:


--- Quote from: Ratman_tf;934852 ---Racists! Racists everywhere! It's a Trumpocalpyse!
--- End quote ---

Nice, except Trump like myself aren't about race, we are about money and how do I get it by working.  Not your color of skin, not blowing up anybody radically Islamic etc. though serious thought should be given to it on certain levels. The previous president was against me and my values and got me and many of the silent majority to register and vote and we will be voting for several cycles because of this ridiculous hatred for the USA and hard work. And roleplaying games shouldn't have any of the above. Roleplaying Games are about escape and fun not my, your's or anybody's personal politics.

Politics are all about, can I pay the rent and eat healthy food. You can prefer who you like sexually, be your preferred gender. I don't care unless you get in my way of making money legally. And it seems me and mine have to keep voting to make sure all the faux protesters start getting the message that there will be real resistance to this bullshit permanently.


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