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Misleading Charity Drives on DTRPG

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Just ran across this on DTRPG presenting itself as a Hurricane Ida relief charity but is actually an GLBT and "Marginalized people" special interest fund

Even religious charities don't seem to discriminate on who gets help after a disaster.

Religious charities absolutely do discriminate after a disaster. Local churches often only help congregants, or those of their faith. And a lot of evangelical and other religious groups show after a disaster just to proselytize, in other words they try to take advantage of people at their most vulnerable. The Scientologists are notoriously terrible about this.

But it is true that all the big faith-based national organizations that provide disaster relief will help anyone. The Southern Baptists, Salvation Army, Mormons, Tzu Chi, and so on set up kitchens, chainsaw felled trees, give money, and don't preach or exclude. Same is true with a lot of larger religious charities that aren't really involved in disaster relief but end up playing a role anyway, like Catholic Charities.

But yes, this charity seems to be blatantly discriminatory. I looked over their webpage, and they're explicitly saying they're discriminating based on race. ("We will prioritize the funding, leadership, and safety of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and LGBTQ individuals.")

I looked over their Queer and Trans Guide to Hurricane Season, and most of it's just garbage, like this: "Where will you park your car, even in the event of 
flooding due to heavy rain? Where are the more dry spots in your neighborhood? Look at where water pools when it rains - avoid parking your car there." No, if there's a fucking hurricane, leave, and take your car with you. Don't move it down the street. Move it away from the coast, and the projected path. Otherwise, it'll become one of those totaled vehicles that fill parking lots after a hurricane makes landfall (water is not kind to cars). If there's real flooding, stay the hell away. Floodwaters are filled with sewage and can cause disease and infections, and the undertow can be severe. Floods are the only disaster where the highest proportion of deaths are among young men, because they do stupid things like think they can drive through the water.

They're also not on any of the VOAD lists.

That said, some of their programs are interesting. Make a phone call and get instant cash back from a nearby ATM, could be a good way to get a little money to people when they're stuck. And looking over their past projects, it does seem like they're trying to help.

But they're overtly racist and sexist, and don't know what they're doing.

Oddly I can find no listing for "imagine water works" on Charity Navigator.


--- Quote from: Mistwell on September 14, 2021, 11:38:23 PM ---Oddly I can find no listing for "imagine water works" on Charity Navigator.

--- End quote ---
Go to the donate page. They're not a 501(c)(3). They're sponsored by Project South, which is here:

The bundle says who’s it going to. I don’t get the logic behind it though. A hurricane victim, is a hurricane victim. I don’t see where orientation plays a role in who gets the aid. To me, sounds unethical. I believe every human being has the right to receive disaster relief. Definitely should report it to dtrpg staff though. The comments don’t make me feel this is the best way to help those in real need.


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