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Author Topic: Something they DEFINITELY don't want you to see: Proud Boys & Latinos For Trump  (Read 3096 times)


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Not hardly. I oppose it. However, you cannot ignore the reality that is exactly what people usually mean if they use the word diversity. I refuse to use it, except in discussions of how patently absurd it is. There are plenty of other words that can be used, but when someone speaks of "diversity" they are almost always speaking in the "racist" sense, and I respond accordingly. They are not attempting anything, they've already succeeded as far as most of society is concerned.

In the discussion here, the first person to use the term "diversity" was oggsmash in Reply #94. I had been talking about how allowing free speech wasn't weakness, and oggsmash replied,

       Unity is always stronger than diversity.  This is a simple fact.

I don't think he was using it to mean race - since the topic was about free speech.


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This just in:
Proud Boys make money selling BLM and anti-Trump shirts. They keep shutting down their sales of Proud Boys shirts so they started to make money off “brain dead retards” for shits and giggles. I could not make this up 😄