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It's time for the USA to balkanize. How can that happen peacefully?

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The USA is divided beyond hope of healing and we have no common ground with our enemies.
The Left has their vision of future and the Right will not submit.
I do not want Boogaloo.
I do not want civil war.
But its clearly high time for the USA to balkanize.
I don't know how that happens peacefully.

Any ideas?

I don't think the words "Balkan" and "peaceful" go together. At least not if Europe is the model. I would expect some unpleasantness down the road if the US broke up - "political cleansing" perhaps? Would the federal government allow it - whether Dem or Repub don't they make the most money with the US as a single entity? Not much pork to go around if you're a poor independent state. It would have to be grass-roots led, as the top would not be interested. Is that enough?

Snark Knight:
The Right will not submit? The Right's been giving ground for decades in the name of so called 'compromise' (which just ends up being quiet submission).

Commiefornia - Cali, Washing State, Oregon, maybe Colorado, possibly parts of AZ and NM depending on if people leave before it goes down, parts of Idaho
Texlahoana - Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, maybe Arkansas
The SOUTH - Bama, Georgia, Mississippi, maybe SC too
Floridamanland - Florida is diverse enough and weird enough it might survive alone
The Commie South - Virginia, NC, eastern Tennessee
Ohio Basin - Ohio, Kentucky, Western Tennesee
Damned Yankee Land - You know where...except oddly enough probably excluding upstate NY and Maine
Leave us alone - ND, SD, Montana, Wyoming, Kansas, maybe Iowa
Chicagoland - Loosely affiliated city-states of Madison, Chicago, and Milwaukee
Mormon Paradise - Utah, southern Idaho
Vegas - Autonomous, Reno erects a wall around itself like Berlin to keep out the Californians
Missouri would most likely be its own state, given that they hate Kansas but really share nothing in common with anyone else in the area

But that's like some idealized RPG Balkanization...realistically, everyone in the rural areas walls off the liberal cities and it's Escape from NY, but replace NY with every large city run by Democrats.

"Peacefully"...the only way I can see that happening is if so many people die from a blight or something catastrophic (LOL @ Corona) that they're forced to become more self-reliant and the population contracts so much interstate trade becomes somewhat stagnant.

--- Quote from: Spinachcat;1133204 ---I do not want Boogaloo.
--- End quote ---

Neither did George Washington, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. Make sure you at least have a Hawaiian shirt on hand just in case.

Not happening. At least, not peacefully.

Kurt Schlichter has written some novels about the fallout from a 'national divorce', and I think he's optimistic about the results. The liberal left simply cannot allow the majority red states to leave anyways. Why, they might get the idea they can do what they want, not what their betters in LA decree!


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