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Author Topic: High school volleyball player injured in game against Trans player and people...  (Read 3240 times)


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That's hilarious. Seriously, Eirikrautha?!? You're going to lecture me about ad hominems?
Yes, I am.  Pointing out your rhetorical strategy is not an ad hominem.  Disagreeing with you is not an ad hominem.  Accusing those who disagree with you of being heartless IS an ad hominem.

More importantly, your argument is like suggesting that a diabetic who still drinks soft drinks is already endangering their health, therefore it doesn't make any difference if they also eat candy bars frequently.  The presence of risk does not mean that increases in risk are irrelevant.  Your argument is garbage, and you have a history of such garbage arguments.  That's not an ad hominem, either.  It's a declaration of trends.


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  But I will sum up my first answer to safety again here, since you missed it before.  No transgenders playing girl's sports.  Period.  No problems now.

Do you really consider it "no problems" that there are over 300,000 concussions every year in girls sports?

Coming into this conversation, I knew roughly about the dangers of concussion from boys football. I had to look up the stats for girls sports, though, and I was surprised that girls soccer had a concussion rate almost as high (75%), and that girls volleyball was nearly a third as high. Seeing those stats makes me think that there is a problem that has nothing to do with transgender players. Roughly half of all the 2.5 million concussions per year among high school students are from sports. I don't have definite solutions, but it seems to me that this is a problem throughout school sports.

It seems unfeeling to dismiss out of hand the 300,000 concussions every year from girls sports (and many more in boys sports) - but to be seething with outrage over a single concussion if it involves a transgender player.


 Yes I do consider it no problem, I get a couch potato like you does not realize that playing ANY competitive sport carries with it a certain level of risk.  Letting boys play with girls is like deciding football players will play without helmets now.  Toss in the sorts of "problems" people are going to have when the outrage boils over....and best to avoid the whole mess and boys with boys, girls with girls.  If a girl wants to play football or compete with boys I have no issue with her taking her safety into her own hands.  Just as I have no issue with girls playing girls knowing the risks, tossing a dude in there is going to magnify the risk greatly.  It also is less the point than from a competitive point of view males are much stronger, faster, and more explosive than girls.  Now I dont mean the few female athletes who are stronger than your couch potato self, I mean athletes vs athlete comparisons, of which there is NO COMPARISON. 

   Retards go on and on and then try to make this a "you are not compassionate" argument.....I am a guy who cornered MANY female fighters in MMA....I have no issues with people entering competition understanding the risks....but I would NEVER let one of my female fighters fight a trannie under any circumstances.  If you do not understand the difference I can not make you.