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This site will be a place for me to generally rant about every topic that is of interest to me, in the interest of amusing my friends and pissing off my enemies.
Now, assuming someone might just freakishly stumble upon this blog; I'll explain that most of the time I'll be talking about RPGs, that's Role Playing games.
And when I say RPGs I don't mean that brain-dead kiddy crap that they play on the computers, running around killing little electronic lights and sounds with other little electronic lights and sounds; I'm talking about REAL RPGs, ones you play with pen, paper, dice, and other human beings in the same room as you are (most of the time).
These games are the most enjoyable of passtimes, but they have their share of problems too, mainly from an incursion of pseudo-intellectuals into gaming starting mainly in the mid-90s, who spend much of their time doing everything possible to convince themselves that their games are more than just games, that they're a deep intellectual pursuit, or art.
You want a deep intellectual pursuit? Go cure cancer.
You want art? Visit the Louvre, or compose a symphony.
RPGs are GAMES: no amount of calling them "storytelling" or talking about "social theory" will change that. They can be smart games, like so many other games are smart in the sense that they challenge your wits and mental dexterity.  They can and should be entertaining, creating a simulated world.
But at the end of the day they produce nothing of real meaning or value aside from fun.
Then again, fun is one of the most meaningful things around.  Too bad most of the pseudo-intellectuals associate "fun" with foolishness, or define "their fun" with taking themselves and the game incredibly seriously, to the point that they must denigrate those who actually see gaming as something to do for a laugh.
So, besides pointing out the stupidities and pretentiousness of the "serious" RPG crowd out there, I'll be talking about games in general here, the state of the gaming industry (something that an RPG fan actually ought to be serious about!), and the games I've been running and enjoying.  I may also dip into politics or other sensitive topics as I so choose.

Thanks for spelling out your philosophy there.  I've always wanred to see it all in one place.  And kudos on the new(ish) site, I'll be here a lot from now on.

Hastur T. Fannon:
I agree entirely.  I've just finished Koster's A Theory of Fun for Game Design.  Mostly focused on computer games, but it has some valuable insights for anyone who wants to make their gaming more fun

BTW, Hastur, are you the author of the Roleplaying Gamer's Bible?

Hastur T. Fannon:

--- Quote from: Settembrini ---BTW, Hastur, are you the author of the Roleplaying Gamer's Bible?
--- End quote ---

Not as far as I know ;)  The only things I've written that have been published are some reviews for a local arts magazine small bits of YotZ: Marauders

Are their similarities in style or something?


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