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*blink blink*

Unexpected.  Interesting.

Tomorrow is payday.  Ten bucks, I think I can make that happen.

How delicious.

Very interesting

I am not a fan of Zak to be honest yet seeing posters in those loinked threads lose their shit at Zak winning just made my day. They are pissed that Zak dared to use the law in his defense. You can damn well bet if it was done against him they would be celebrating imo. While also publicly saying they would also punch him in the face or something similar.

Again I may have said this many times yet I wonder if many people who are mentally ill have simply not been diagnosed as such. What do they expect that someone accuses someone else of physical assault and the accused not defend himself.

Welcome to the Really Real World, TBP-ers. Where shooting your mouth off to defamatory levels might not be a smart idea.

BTW, Zak, that first link in your initial post? Dead. Deleted. Next time, archive :)


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