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Discord to ban you for off-site "hateful" behaviour

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--- Quote from: Shasarak on May 14, 2022, 07:40:49 PM ---You have convinced me that the only reason you can not find a game is because you were banned from Discord.

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Back in the old days, we didn't have gamers. 
We had to make them out of normal humans.


--- Quote from: GeekyBugle on May 13, 2022, 11:33:24 PM ---
--- Quote from: Shasarak on May 13, 2022, 11:31:13 PM ---
--- Quote from: GeekyBugle on May 13, 2022, 06:55:35 PM ---What part of "That's easier said then done if you live in an area where there aren't many gamers." didn't you understand?

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The part where you get other people to play with you, rather then just complaining about not being able to play.

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So you're being deliberately obtuse.
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uhm, kettles and pots calling each other black, much?
Seriously, I get both points.
Talk to PEOPLE, next door, at work, at church, post adds at the bar, at the pizza & wings joint, and invite them over...
then sit them down, then you drug their drinks. when they are unconscious you tie all of them down to their chairs...

When they wake up, announce that they will being playing D&D for their lives and the campaign will run from level 0 (age 12+1d4) to level 42 using the immortals booklet... They need to play quickly, if they take too long deciding a course of action, just flip the lever to move that player's chair in to a SAW kill-room. By the end of the night you will either of had the best game session of your life an they will want to play more...
or you will need a few mops for all the blood.


--- Quote from: DocJones on May 14, 2022, 09:16:58 PM ---Back in the old days, we didn't have gamers. 
We had to make them out of normal humans.

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You'd be surprised how many non-gamers have an ancillary interest that will turn them into RPGers with little effort.

Especially for rules-light games with fun groups. Make it easy on noobs and they will keep coming back.

TBP has been doing this for years.


--- Quote from: jhkim on April 02, 2022, 02:31:28 PM ---
--- Quote from: Zelen on April 01, 2022, 10:05:18 PM ---What it really boils down to is power. Getting banned from means nothing because this is a forum with maybe a few hundred people that shoot the shit. Getting banned from Discord removes your access to a huge range of communications used by hundreds of millions of people from personal friends, corporations, charities, religious organizations, even government.

Getting banned from a single business when there are thousands of services in a city? No big deal. Getting banned from one of the world's largest communications services? Much bigger deal. Getting banned from that same service as part of a coordinated effort among transnational gangsters to silence opposition to their cartel-like actions?

We need someone with the will to solve this kind of problem.
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What do people think about the new EU Digital Markets Act? It doesn't directly address the issue of getting banned, but it is about breaking monopoly power.

It doesn't go far enough, but at least the EU is showing more backbone in standing up to the big tech firms that the U.S. is. (This also applies earlier in their enforcing the "right to be forgotten" on big tech.)

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I feel like chat app interoperability might be hard to pull off, could maybe be hard to pull off without infringing on trade secrets (no idea really, not my area of expertise), dictate certain business models artificially over others, and make the starting line a little harder for smaller digital messaging businesses to cross, but also I know jack and shite when it comes to coding, so IDK for sure. For Discord, it’s not gonna include stuff like voice and video chat obviously, but at least if it counts as a messaging app (dunno if true) they couldn’t ban folks who use other sites from posting to discord if there’s enforced interoperability.

Also "Companies that break the rules can be fined up to 10% of global sales for their first offence, and 20% thereafter." seemed a bit weird to me, almost as though all offenses are treated equal, and 2 offenses is enough to trash 1/3rd not of profits but of revenue. Guess we'll see in early 2024 who gets shafted and to what extent. But it does feel like it makes entering this field as a newcomer a little more high risk. That said, could make it harder for companies like Discord to in any way ignore, in part because the penalties for a double infraction seem a bit absurd. (And possibly a way for Europe to grab corporate money the world over.)

That said, I do like that it tries to promote competition at least in spirit, and seems to dislike self-preferencing and the like. Discord I feel has less relevance to debate concerning the latter, but meh.

They're trying something, and something does need to be done, but IDK if this is the right thing specifically, and it's definitely not enough on its own from my perspective. (Though that's partly because I support making political association a protected class, and refusing the denial of goods and services or government benefits and protections on that basis. I feel like that would kinda solve things like the Discord issue mentioned in this thread.)

I disagree with Shire that competition is often bad within this area, doesn't fit with what little I know of basic microeconomic models of monopolies, but I also have limited economic knowledge. Maybe he's gonna use an economies of scale argument or something, though I feel like the push towards interoperability and this being a digital service with low and relatively fixed supply costs regardless of size contradicts that. Would need somebody who knows economics better to comment for sure though. Feel like discord could use some genuinely comparable competitors, and doesn’t seem like we’re getting super much out of the lack thereof beyond their feeling secure enough to pull sketchy stuff like this.

I also fear statements like this one he made, in that they may perhaps be used to justify monopolies, widespread private censorship and rule by megacorp: "there is evidence to show that consumers and small businesses benefit from large platforms that can impose rules on the markets they operate". Thankfully, at least for now the regulatory authorities don't seem to be buying it in this specific instance. Discord is imposing rules on its market/consumers alright. And a form of illiberal rule that should not be the purview of government, much less corporations.

Kinda wish more economic and political expert folks than just Shier were constantly giving commentary in that article, lol. That said, very interesting to read about.

Those are my thoughts.

Edited: Added more Discord related stuff to more directly tie in to the topic of the thread.


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