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On My DCC Campaign

My own Dungeon Crawl Classics game has only been two sessions, but they were amazing sessions.

My game setting is a world where humanity is nearly extinct, and the world itself is some kind of immense life-preserver at the end of the universe; a superspecies trapping the last star left in the universe and used it to escape the end of all things; only now the super-species is gone, their AI (“G.O.D.”) has gone senile, his living programs (daemons) have rebelled, terrible mutations have arisen in the original species, and everything has basically gone to shit.

The humans had apparently originally been called up to be indentured farm servants, the elves were supervisors, dwarves worked deep in the underground “world-machines” and halflings’ role is not clear. But after the “Ancient Ones” vanished, the halflings became almost feral bandits in the woods, dwarves were forced out of the deep places by horrific goblin hordes, tentacle things and their gnomish masters; the elves continued sleepily into a helpless decadence in their automated pleasure-domes, very slowly losing all their knowledge and wisdom to become shallow, self-absorbed drug-addled dilettantes, and the humans were slowly wiped out by plague, mutation, undeath and attacks by monstrosities.

Its possible that there’s still other human survivors besides the PCs out there, there were other human settlements in the time of the Ancient Ones,and its not clear how they might have fared in the thousands of years hence; there is even a legend about a great human city named Vornheim, on the other side of the world.
But the PCs only know that their village, the last in the five valleys, was overrun by Zombies; their party survived escaping through a deep tunnel into the Rose Pleasure Dome of the Elves. Now they’re based there; and recently helped the Elven Elder (the only one there who more or less still knows something, or cares about something) to retrieve a Power sphere from the 9th dimension, from the grey men and their dreaded Queen Priscilla.

Unfortunately the absolute earliest we’ll be playing again is late June. It was awesome.


(April 3, 2013)

List of Gonzo DCC Campaign Stuff!
So this weekend we played our periodic DCC game (its been once a month the last few months, but we might start doing it fortnightly for the next while).  Its one of my favorite games, because its the one The Wench plays in, because we run it in English, because we always eat great in that session (between the Wench and Rafa, who are both amazing cooks/foodies), and because DCC fucking rocks.

Anyways, in this session we saw:

-a vengeful hipster-elf in a giant robot

-a 'control collar' for use with wild zombies and/or potential store-thieves.

-a herd of giant Great Plains Snails

-an ancient crashed spaceship of the Pithian Knights

-a pair of Killer Androids.

-a rare ancient "Papers and Paychecks" gaming manual

Anyways, it was great fun; and I'll note that in true Gonzo spirit I was, in addition to the DCC manual, using (this session): the AD&D 1e DMG, the AD&D 1e Monster Manual, Hulks & Horrors, the Adventures Dark & Deep Gamemaster's Toolkit, and Vornheim.

No doubt, more reports like this forthcoming.


(october 23, 2013)

Taking down a Dragon in DCC

In tonight's DCC game, the setup of the adventure involved the PCs having to dissuade a band of bloodthirsty mutant Scottish barbarians from invading and ransacking the Elven Dome.  The Nudist Hermit accompanying the PCs made mention of knowing a dragon lair in the mountains nearby, which would be both more glorious and more honorable for the barbarians.

Now, my idea was one of several possibilities: the PCs could certainly have let the barbarians go off and be slaughtered by the Dragon, and then go on their merry way; they could also figure out a different target (like the peaceful Cactus-People beyond the mountains, or the vicious Sword-Octopi that harass the Cactus-people) and lead the barbarians to battle and potential loot.

But no, my group of players all decide that it would be an awesome idea to join the barbarians and take on a motherfucking dragon.

Their level, you ask? Well, there's a whole range, from level 0 - 2.

Yup, you read that right. These maniacs' best character was level 2, and they went off to fight a dragon.  Not just any dragon, but one they quickly learned was highly intelligent, a very powerful spellcaster, capable of summoning monsters, throwing fireballs, breathing ice, and becoming invisible.  It was as large as a house, unless it cast Enlarge, in which case it was as large as two houses.

The Barbarians, by the way, were wiped out in the first five minutes of the assault, taken down by a perfectly-placed Ice Breath that blasted through the entire entry-tunnel to the dragon's lair.

But still the PCs continued, with a series of careful, though mostly disastrous plans; the party's Dwarf blew himself to bits when he entered invisibly to the lair and fumbled when throwing an explosive device at the dragon. The human outlaw and the elven organic farmer both got killed in another attempt involving suicide-bomber chickens.

Finally, they managed to draw the dragon out, and a particularly vicious battle ended up being won by the well-timed use of the Invoke Patron spell and and a very lucky throw with a grenade.

So, three out of 7 PCs (and about 35 Barbarian warriors, and several chickens, horses, and cave bears) ended up dead, but they actually beat a dragon.

I personally never expected them to have a chance. But there you go; a strong lesson never to underestimate your players!


(November 3, 2013)

DCC Update: Another Great Session

In our DCC game tonight we had 7 players, ranging in age from 10 to 50, and everyone had quite a great time.  The elves of the Rose Pleasure Dome were tricked out of their home by a Succubus Princess and a Hypno-naga who had mind-controlled the Circle of Really Old Wizards.

The two halfling zealots (one a nudist berserker wizard) of Azi-Dahaka managed to kill off the Hypno-Naga; their reflective aviator-glasses made them immune to the naga's gaze but not its poison bite, and the berserker-wizard died a hilarious death at its hands just after killing it off too, and then releasing a post-mortem colour spray.

The rest of the group, along with the now-freed Circle of Really Old Wizards, took on the Succubus Princess.  They managed to defeat her, but after that the Circle decided that they really wanted to keep living in the Pleasure Dome instead of their tower; they bribed the PCs with magic items, and then teleported them away to another continent altogether.  As of the end of the session, the PCs found themselves in a whole new environment: in the astounding canyon-city of Arkhome, city of Spires.

Its been great fun, this campaign just doesn't let up, and it was nice to (almost) be up to full complement of players.  Especially players who can surprise you at every turn with the insanity of their ideas.


(November 17, 2013)

DCC Campaign Update
This weekend we played our english-language DCC game again; the PCs were getting acquainted with what looks like their new home base: the sprawling city of Archome, which they soon realized seemed to be a vertical tower-city built in, on and over a spaceship-graveyard inside a canyon.  They learned a bit about the rival power group struggling for control in the city: The Assassin King, current ruler of the city, and the Snake Witch, who seeks to usurp him.  The city's lesser gangs have mostly aligned to one side or another in the turf war; the Goblins who were once inhabitants of the caves surrounding the canyon are the trusty Royal Guard for the Assassin King, for example, while the vicious cannibalistic halfling gangsters that rule the shantytowns in the shadowy bottom of the canyon are allied with the Snake Witch.  Only the old families, who have seen one ganster-king after another come and go, stay literally above it all, in their mansions at the tops of the city-spires.

The PCs met with another PC (Gabriel's character, who had missed a few sessions) who had apparently been teleported here earlier than they were.  He has set up shop as a fortune teller, and has made an ally of a chronically alcoholic rogue-bard ("with a wee dram of chaos blood" in him) by the name of Borquist. An old hand at surviving in the vicious city of Archome, he takes the PCs under his wing and they decide to form their own little gang.

With a team of half-competent adventurers under his back, Borquist decided to brave the Halfling lower-levels of the canyon to seek out a legend of a dead Wizard's lair.  What has ensued involved exciting action with evil vampire monkeys, vampire merfolk, a semi-intelligent giant octopus, and thus far very little treasure.  When we quit for the evening, the party was still trapped in the Infernal Menagerie of Pang Feng, low on hit points, out of helpful healing robots, and still facing a murderous vampire monkey out for revenge.

We'll see how things go next session.


(December 12, 2013)


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