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Dark Albion: the Origin Thread

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--- Quote from: RPGPundit;466232 ---It was either that or Angleland.
--- End quote ---

might i suggest "loegria" instead?


--- Quote from: ICFTI;466235 ---might i suggest "loegria" instead?
--- End quote ---

Not recognizable enough, except to historians or Pendragon players.


And Loegria doesn't roll off the tongue like Albion.

I like this a lot, Pundit, but I think I would rather see the historical figures used more as a basis for the characters in your setting than brought in whole cloth. My preference, at least.

Ian Warner:

--- Quote from: RPGPundit;466232 ---
I note with some amusement that you don't suggest that the welsh would be pissed off at being half-elves, or the Scottish or Irish at being savages.
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The nations of Britain and Reigions of England are always taking the piss out of each other and if anyone gets offended they're called humourless.

It's a cultural thing.

Good stuff, Pundit. Keep the ideas coming :)


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