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Covid, the "lockdowns" etc.

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Here we go, a thread for discussing covid , lockdowns, health and economic effects, to keep the subject off the main gaming forum, so have at it!

Question for HappyDaze, from the main forum

--- Quote from: Zirunel;1131816 ---So leaving aside long-term economic effects and sticking to your lane (which I can respect), what are your thoughts on the impact of the "lockdown" or whatever you choose to call it, on treatment of non-covid disease? I know in my jurisdiction ongoing treatment e.g. chemo etc. has continued uninterrupted, but in general, access to non-covid medical care is reduced and for anyone not already involved in a treatment program, there must be some whose conditions have gone undiagnosed, or whose diagnosis or surgery has been delayed (potentially leading to poorer outcomes later on)
--- End quote ---

I'm sure the 18.6% increase in anti-depressant users and 14.8% increase in sleep medication users will have NO negative side effects.

That's gonna be some tasty long term profits from totally-not-habit-forming medications.

I'll give you an answer after I get back from work tomorrow afternoon. I'm already up too late for a work night as is.


--- Quote from: HappyDaze;1131823 ---This I agree with, but the tricky part is trying to determine precisely where the line of what is necessary is to be found. Part of this is because of the lagging nature of the indicators--the effects of a measure are often not fully apparent for 2-4 weeks (and the ripples from those, such as the economic issues, can take far longer. This means that a strong tendency to overcorrect is evident for many reasons, some medical/scientific, and others that are solely political.

This too is inaccurate or, at the least, misleading. Depending on the sources you use, the list of comorbidities is rather long, and can include such things as asthma, hypertension, and even obesity. Such issues impact vast portions of the population. Further, heavy exposure (close & prolonged) can put even the young & healthy at risk of severe infection, and this often impacts health care workers (which then creates secondary issues with caring for others).
--- End quote ---

By age:
~60% of COVID deaths are 75 or older
~80% of COVID deaths are 65 or older
~93% of COVID deaths are 55 or older
~97% of COVID deaths are 45 or older

As for comorbidity, yes the list is long, and there is the issue of how they are correlated with each other (e.g., obesity is correlated with many other health issues in the list) and age (i.e., older people are more likely to have chronic health issues). And, yes the list covers a large segment of the population. Regardless, if you have none of the conditions on the list, it is highly unlikely that you will die from COVID.

One could argue that it is the morbidities that kill, with COVID as the comorbidity (i.e. the straw that breaks the camel's back).


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