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Covid, the "lockdowns" etc.

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A truly unexpected barrier to lockdown healthcare is that of closed hairdressers. No, I'm serious. We've had numerous appointments cancelled because grandma won't "go out in public" to her appointment until she's had her hair done. And, until very recently, that just wasn't happening and even now many of them are saying their hairdressers are backed up for weeks. Now our appointments are not life and death (orthopedics, remember), but delayed treatments can lead to worsened outcomes (usually requiring more invasive treatments), more pain, and a decline in quality of life. That last part is important because the loss of mobility can quickly lead to other conditions worsening too. So, perhaps hairdressers need to be considered essential personnel too?

"Essential" business is a ridiculous category in any case and results in stupid examples of Governors and Mayors who get hair cuts and go to the gym while telling everyone else that they can not.

It's impacting supply chains in many unexpected ways, because breaking even one link impacts everything downstream. So-called "essential" retailers or services, or non-essential ones that are finally permitted to reopen, are ending up with erratic, delayed, and partial shipments. There's also a lag, so starting up everything at once means the shelves will be empty until new products work themselves through the entire chain. This is just another variation of the same problem that faces socialism: The economy's just too complex for a few central planners to decided what's essential and what's not.

I wonder when people will get angry at this incredibly damaging fraud committed by numerous governments? There was no cause for the lockdowns, nothing but the knee-jerk panic of numerous governments who preferred the optics of following the herd to taking a stand against the hysterical bollocks in the media.

For the sake of "saving" a few thousand of the sickest people who always die in a bad flu season, many thousands more will die as a result of missed diagnoses and treatments, suicides, domestic violence and many other causes. Not to mention the tens of thousands more who will die when this recession bites. One that promises to be the deepest in centuries.

Just gonna leave this here without comment.


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