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Blue Rose and the Fall of Civilization

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All of human morality can be summed up in the conflict between the greater survival urge of cooperation and the selfish survival urges.  We all survive better if we cooperate and collectivise but there's tension between that the personal need to procreate and perpetuate.

The greater, or common good SHOULD trump that.  Personally I don't find Blue Rose to be that political, I like games with political themes (or religious ones come to that, despite being an Atheist).  Bucking the trends of such games, or exploring them, is more interesting - whether you agree with the politics or not - than a flat, uninvolving world.

The Yann Waters:
In contrast, the Light in Nobilis is never presented as unequivocally "good" (which can be said about any faction in the game). Its agenda, "humanity must live, and live forever", seems simple enough; but in practice its concern is for the species as a whole, and it's willing to sacrifice any minority to protect the majority, to say nothing of individual lives. And since the quality of life isn't exactly a priority for these self-appointed guardians, if it ever came to the conclusion that turning homo sapiens into easily shepherded mindless beasts might effectively keep them from harm, it wouldn't hesitate for long before preparing to lobotomize everyone (although the Dark would fight it every step of the way). It really is the embodiment of the common good, but a very cold one.


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