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Biden's Cascade of Failure!

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Here, Sean Hannity provides a quick rundown of the cascade of failed policies instituted by Biden throughout the American government and economy. Eye opening for sure. Just amazing how swiftly Biden and Kamala are destroying America. So sad.

Semper Fidelis,


It really is a monumental disaster.

Biden's Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, has been conspicuously absent for discussions about the supply chain choke.

That's because Buttigieg's been out on paid paternity leave with his partner. Since fucking August.

Folks, I'm not gonna mince words here. We all know damn well neither Butters or his butt-buddy didn't pop their kids out. So it can't be physical issues, injury, or illness from pregnancy/postpartum.

So why's he been out? Well, for one, this is a sinecure. Bootyjudge's qualifications for his position were (a) he likes trains, (b) he's gay, and (c) he didn't interfere when the DNC shoehorned Sleepy Joe into the nomination.

I suspect another reason is that while he may be a politician he's not a complete moron. Much like Heels-Up Harris, he's avoiding DC as much as possible because he knows things are going to get a lot worse.

But hey -- no more mean tweets, right?

I feel like if you're the head of an agency during a national crisis you need to be all hands on deck.

I also think people giving him grief for taking paternity leave are being unfair. Have you tried raising a newborn? Six weeks to figure your life out goes by in an eye blink.

The usurper regime has no failed policies. There have been no mistakes. Everything that's happening is happening on purpose. This isn't incompetence. It's a deliberate step by step plan to destroy this nation.


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