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Author Topic: Welcome to the Official Gnomemurdered Forum: Introduction and Forum Rules  (Read 11845 times)


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This Official forum is for the Gnomemurdered RPG. Here anyone can come and discuss both the game, and the dire threat to humankind that the game attempts to address (Gnomes).

You can discuss anything to do with the game, anything to do with your personal experiences with the game, you can also discuss how you have correctly applied Anti-Gnome Play in other RPGs, campaigns, cons, etc. You can even discuss general issues about Gnomes in the real world, warn people about Gnomish sightings and incursions, reveal new theories about the Gnomes, share Gnome Lore, or just gush with girlish glee about how excellent the Gnomemurdered RPG is. You can definitely offer to send me money in appreciation for my ongoing struggle against the Gnomish menace, as a token of support.  Preferrably a very large token.

What you can NOT do on this forum is very simple:

1. No off-topic material, obviously.
NOTE: It is ALLOWED to talk about Anti-Gnome play in systems other than Gnomemurdered. It is also ALLOWED to talk about using the Gnomemurdered mechanics for other kinds of gaming.

The Gnomes have already taken control of, ENWORLD, The Forge, Storygames, and all those pathetic sites made by guys who feel penis envy about me and try to create "the non-Pundit RPGsite" (and inevitably fail).  Most of the Old-School forums are also either pro-gnome or at best, severely compromised by Gnomish infiltrators.
As this is the ONE SAFE PLACE where people can share the TRUTH about the Gnomish Menace, anyone attempting to argue for pro-gnome propaganda here will be dealt with severely!

That is all, for now. But as unquestioned overlord of this sub-forum, I reserve the right to make any new rules as I see fit.

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