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The Wizkid: The Cheapening Interpretation of Gnomes: Misinformation Yes but Useful?

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Ian Warner:
So now Wizkid: The Cheapening is out with it's own take on Gnomes as villains what do we think?

We all know from Pundit's definative Gnome work that Gnomes are sexless so portraying them as randy bastards obsessed with procreation is clearly inaccurate.

However by making them such despicable villains does Wizkid help the anti Gnome cause?

Thoughts please!

I will have to reserve judgment until I've seen the product in question.


Ian Warner:
Well now you have...

I'm doing something similar with Gnomes in Courtesans but they are a bit less malevolent!

As I said in the review, I find it appalling and very dangerous misinformation.  Not to mention disgusting.


Ian Warner:
Awwwwwww :(

Hmmm I wonder what you'll think of "Blessing of the Mother" in Courtesans?

Your copy will be on the way as soon as it's out :)


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