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Taking Requests


Taking Requests?

If you were to want future scenarios for Gnomemurdered, what would they be? Aside from the ones we've covered already?

Or would you like to see more of one of the ones we did cover?

To review, in case some of you haven't picked up 2e yet, it comes with:

Gnome-Warrens of the Northern Wilderlands: Sword & Sorcery adventure in FtA!GN!'s The Setting

Murder, She Gnomed: A Gnomish Murder Mystery

Challengers of the Unusual: The Lost Valley of the Gnomes: A Pulp Adventure story set in the swinging 60s.

Aliens Vs. Gnomes: A hard sci-fi space-terror adventure


Nine Gnomemurders in Aembar: Super high-powered fantasy in a struggle to control the multiverse, a war for the throne of Aembar.


(January 29, 2010)

Ian Warner:
Gnome Soldiers: Like Dog Soldiers but with Gnomes instead of werewolves.

Pride, Prejudice and Gnomes: You start off with a supposidly free form game of high society manners then the Gnomes show up.

I like the idea of that second one; everyone is deeply concerned about whether Sir Thomas will propose to Clarisse, when suddenly Gnomes cause a scandal by butchering the vicar...


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