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Pulp Heroes vs. Gnomes


My Gnomemurdered book includes, as one of its basic scenarios, an adventure that is pulp-themed.  You might think these two wouldn't really fit together.  Well, you'd be wrong and I'm not the only one saying.  Doc Savage says so too:

In fact, the decline of Pulp as a genre is directly linked to the Gnome's hatred of Doc Savage.  They have plotted for some time to discredit pulp as a viable genre, and continue to do so to this day.  Consider, for example, the godawful "spirit of the century" RPG; which is allegedly a "pulp" game but seems to go out of its way to misrepresent the pulp genre, as if it was trying to intentionally sow confusion and harm the integrity of Pulp as an adventuring concept.  

Now, consider the name of the publishing company that produces SoTC: "EVIL HAT".

That proves it!



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