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Author Topic: GnomeMurdered Literary Sources  (Read 1250 times)


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GnomeMurdered Literary Sources
« on: January 02, 2010, 01:51:04 PM »
At present it is not well known that the anti-gnome message has a long and distinguished literary history. The reason for the disappareance of those works from public consciousness is obvious - a gnome conspiracy. Despite that, Internet allows us to research the long-forgotten messages about the subterranean horror.

It must be noted that before the appearance of Gnomemurdered RPG there was no standard name for those underground, stunted hateful creatures. They were variously called Picts, Dero, Derro, Molepeople, Deviants etc.

Such creatures were described by a group of authors in the end of XIX and early XX century, such as Machen, Buchan, R.E. Howard, Hodgson, H.P. Lovecraft, C.A. Smith.

I suppose there was a pretty strong theosophic and antroposophic influence there also. The cause of deviant behaviour of those creatures according to those books is that they have so to say, either defective or Evil souls. They are unable to behave reasonably. They are inherently inimical to true humans. Generally it is related that they have been modified in some way by the Outer Dark, Outer Blackness, Old Great Ones or something similar.

Machen's Shining Pyramid

" It did, in truth, stir and seethe like an infernal caldron. The whole of the sides and bottom tossed and writhed with vague and restless forms that passed to and fro without the sound of feet, and gathered thick here and there and seemed to speak to one another in those tones of horrible sibilance, like the hissing of snakes, that he had heard. It was as if the sweet turf and the cleanly earth had suddenly become quickened with some foul writhing growth. Vaughan could not draw back his face, though he felt Dyson's finger touch him, but he peered into the quaking mass and saw faintly that there were things like faces and human limbs, and yet he felt his inmost soul chill with the sure belief that no fellow soul or human thing stirred in all that tossing and hissing host. He looked aghast, choking back sobs of horror, and at length the loathsome forms gathered thickest about some vague object in the middle of the hollow, and the hissing of their speech grew more venomous, and he saw in the uncertain light the abominable limbs, vague and yet too plainly seen, writhe and intertwine, and he thought he heard, very faint, a low human moan striking through the noise of speech that was not of man. At his heart something seemed to whisper ever "the worm of corruption, the worm that dieth not," and grotesquely the image was pictured to his imagination of a piece of putrid offal stirring through and through with bloated and horrible creeping things. The writhing of the dusky limbs continued, they seemed clustered round the dark form in the middle of the hollow, and the sweat dripped and poured off Vaughan's forehead, and fell cold on his hand beneath his face.

Then, it seemed done in an instant, the loathsome mass melted and fell away to the sides of the Bowl, and for a moment Vaughan saw in the middle of the hollow the tossing of human arms.

But a spark gleamed beneath, a fire kindled, and as the voice of a woman cried out loud in a shrill scream of utter anguish and terror, a great pyramid of flame spired up like a bursting of a pent fountain, and threw a blaze of light upon the whole mountain. In that instant Vaughan saw the myriads beneath; the things made in the form of men but stunted like children hideously deformed, the faces with the almond eyes burning with evil and unspeakable lusts; the ghastly yellow of the mass of naked flesh and then as if by magic the place was empty, while the fire roared and crackled, and the flames shone abroad.

"You have seen the Pyramid," said Dyson in his ear, "the Pyramid of fire."

Machen's Novel of the Black Seal,

Howard's Worms of the Earth,

"Aye, take your cursed Stone!" he roared, snatching it from the altar and dashing it among the shadows with such savagery that bones snapped under its impact. A hurried babel of grisly tongues rose and the shadows heaved in turmoil. One segment of the mass detached itself for an instant and Bran cried out in fierce revulsion, though he caught only a fleeting glimpse of the thing, had only a brief impression of a broad strangely flattened head, pendulous writhing lips that bared curved pointed fangs, and a hideously misshapen, dwarfish body that seemed--mottled--all set off by those unwinking reptilian eyes. Gods!--the myths had prepared him for horror in human aspect, horror induced by bestial visage and stunted deformity--but this was the horror of nightmare and the night.

Howard's  Children of the Night.

"I saw a shambles. Five men lay there--at least, what had been five
men. Now as I marked the abhorrent mutilations my soul sickened. And
about clustered the--Things. Humans they were, of a sort, though I did
not consider them so. They were short and stocky, with broad heads too
large for their scrawny bodies. Their hair was snaky and stringy,
their faces broad and square, with flat noses, hideously slanted eyes,
a thin gash for a mouth, and pointed ears. They wore the skins of
beasts, as did I, but these hides were but crudely dressed. They bore
small bows and flint-tipped arrows, flint knives and cudgels. And they
conversed in a speech as hideous as themselves, a hissing, reptilian
speech that filled me with dread and loathing."

DERO, were described by Richar Shaver, in his books "I remember Lemuria"

"Pressed for a more complete explanation, Mr. Shaver has defined "dero' for us:

"Long ago it happened that certain (underground) cities were abandoned and into those cities stole many mild mortals to live, At first they were normal people, though on a lower intelligence plane; and ignorant due to lack of proper education. It was inevitable that certain inhabitants of the culture forests lose themselves and escape proper development; and some of them are of faulty development. But due to their improper handling of the life-force and ray apparatus in the abandoned cities, these apparatii became harmful in effect. They simply did not realize that the ray filters of the ray mechanisms must be changed and much of the conductive metal renewed regularly. If such renewals are not made, the apparatus collects in itself—in its metal—a disintegrant particle which gradually turns its beneficial qualities into strangely harmful ones.

"These ignorant people learned to play with these things, but not to renew them; so gradually they were mentally impregnated with the persistently disintegrative particles. This habituates the creature's mind, its mental movements, to being overwhelmed by detrimental, evil force flows which in time produce a creature whose every reaction in thought is dominated by a detrimental will. So it is that these wild people, living in the same rooms with degenerating force generators, in time become dero, which is short for detrimental energy robot.

"When this process has gone on long enough, a race of dero is produced whose every thought movement is concluded with the decision to kill. They will instantly kill or torture anyone whom they contact unless they are extremely familiar with them and fear them. That is why they do not instantly kill each other—because, being raised together, the part of their brain that functions has learned very early to recognize as friend or heartily to fear the members of their own group. They recognize no other living thing as friend; to a dero all new things are enemy.

"To define: A dero is a man who responds mentally to dis impulse more readily than to his own impulses. When a dero has used old. defective apparatus full of dis particle accumulations, they become so degenerate that they are able to think only when a machine is operating and they are using it; otherwise they are idiot. When they reach this stage they are known as 'ray' (A Lemurian word not to be confused with ray as it is used in English.) Translated, ray means 'dangerous or detrimental energy animal.' Ray is also used to mean a soldier—one of those who handles beam weapons (note how the ancient meaning has come into our modern word)."

"Clothed in rags and dirt, hung all over with hand weapons, their hair long and matted, were the strangest, most disgusting creatures I had ever seen in my life. They were dwarfs, some of them white-haired, from the Gods know what hidden hole in Mu's endless warren of caverns.

"Gray dust rose in a cloud over the bowl city as we swarmed into that huge old city-center building; and the horror that we found inside cured me forever of all sun lit planets. These devilish abandondero had a meat market in the lower floors, filled with human flesh; and a pile of choice cuts I saw was composed mainly of Atlan girl breasts! These dero things were cannibals and lived off immortal Atlan flesh!

So much for our illusion of benevolent government! How long had it been composed of hidden, grimming cannibals, the whole of our race unaware of its ultimate fate? I realized now that it takes more than patriotism and fine words over a telescreen from a ro face to make a state a safe place in which to live.

Because of a degenerating sun, all our apparent tremendous scientific advance had been set at naught by a few madmen . . . with these dero creatures eager to do anything the madmen said in return for a little fresh human meat. I saw now the fatal weakness in centralized government. One silent grab at that neck of power lines had resulted in death for the whole cream of the race. The awful power in telaug rodite methods of rule had only served to place the total wealth of the planet in mad criminal hands."

Jack Kirby created some anti-gnome comics.


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GnomeMurdered Literary Sources
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2010, 07:30:46 PM »
There are also more contemporary sources for the gnome conspiracy.

Run DMC's Christmas in Hollis video clearly shows that gnomes aren't even above forging data to keep children fromtheir deserved presents. And they also steal gold-chains of accomplished rap stars.
Killing isn't shown, but that's probably rather due to protection of minors than due to Run DMC's understanding of the problem.
Now we know who killed Jam-Master Jay... It's no coincidence that he got shot exactly 15 years after the production of the video, isn't it?

And not to forget the Leprechaun flicks.
The Gnome Conspiracy managed to put the blame on the Irishmen, but don't let that deceive you.
When you see that small ugly bastard, you know that he's a gnome. And he does what all gnomes do, slaying innocents all the time.
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GnomeMurdered Literary Sources
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2010, 02:31:22 AM »
Truly excellent work, gentlemen! Keep up the good fight!

Its a very significant point that over different points in time people from a variety of sources have made reference to Gnomes, in different incarnations, without directly being able (for a variety of reasons) to identify them by their true name: Gnome.

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