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Gnomemurdered AP Report


Gnomemurdered AP Report

So on Friday, as advertised, a group of us played a Gnomemurdered playtest. We had four players, and the scenario run was "Murder, She Gnomed".

The game went very well, some players started out rather skeptical about the game being enjoyable, they were not already predisposed to be Gnomemurdered fans, but everyone got into the game deeply. They loved the character creation, they enjoyed the scenario we ran, got really into the murder mystery, and the game evolved into sheer hilarity as soon as the Gnomes started showing up.

Here is the list of the dead:
Daniel: Fell through a trap door into a spiked pit the gnomes had set up. The lever that pulled the spiked pit was in a secret hallway Daniel had discovered. He refused to go into the hallway, but the lever was pulled by someone who did, and the trap door opened under Daniel's feet by sheer coincidence, daniel having a drink at the bar at the time.

Marcel: died valiantly in a standoff with five gnomes, in the secret tunnel. They came rushing at him, and he shot down as many as he could with his revolver before being stabbed multiple times, kicked in the balls and having his throat cut.

The Wench: Died from an attack of the elite Cuddly Death Gnomes. To her credit, she didn't trust these cutesy-poo Gnomes for a second. Unfortunately, she also didn't know that their mere presence in her general area was toxic, their saccharine sweetness causing her to develop Superdiabetes and die from insulin shock. She shot a Nazi in the head before she died though, so it wasn't all bad.

Alejo: Survived. He high-tailed it out of the house, climbed up a tree, jumped off it past the raging river and managed to swim to the other side. What he doesn't know is that he took two Gnomes with him, disguised as a human.



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