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[edition wars] On the MASSIVE CONTROVERSY about the new edition


Easing Concerns About Gnomemurdered 2e

Well, it seems that my earlier announcement of Gnomemurdered 2e caused an utter furore throughout the internet, and the world. Condemnation or praise rained down upon me and the product, along with a lot of misinformation and downright fear.

Well, I'm here to say, FEAR NOT.  Just because the 2e gamebook will be something like 5000% larger than the 1e game, doesn't mean this won't be the same old Gnomemurdered you all love.

For one thing, let me discount the fear that we are changing the base mechanic. We are NOT. What may have caused this confusion is that we are now adding a half-dozen ALTERNATE base mechanics to the game, but these are there purely and exclusively as options. Some of them will also be making use of new and original task resolution systems that have NEVER been used before in RPG design: including playing card task resolution, coin-based task resolution (that one sounds weird, I know, but trust me that it will work!), bible-based task resolution, push-up based task resolution, and collaborative therapy-based task resolution.

So I hope this calms fears and tempers somewhat about the 2e game, assuring everyone that it is the same Gnomemurdered you all remember, only now with 5000% more Gnomes and Murder!

Meanwhile, here's a piece of the cover:



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