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Who wants to interview me about Lords of Olympus?

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Here's the deal: you post your questions on this thread, for me, about Lords of Olympus.
Each week, I'll answer a bunch of them here and on my blog, and maybe they'll get posted on the Precis site too.

Along the way, you'll get all kinds of new info about the upcoming Lords of Olympus game.


Simon W:
Okay, how about starting at character generation?

Are there just stats, stats and skills, what are they and how do you generate these?

What about Powers/Special Abilities? How are they rated?

How do stats (skills, if any) and Powers interract?

That'll do for a start

Q&A About Lords of Olympus

So here is the deal: over on theRPGsite, you can post your questions for me ( about the game I'm currently developing, Lords of Olympus.
Once a week, I will answer any questions posted there, and the answers will be posted both there and on this blog.

So here are this week's questions:

--- Quote ---Q: Okay, how about starting at character generation?
--- End quote ---

A: Well, that's not technically a question as such. What did you want to know about Character Generation?

--- Quote ---
Q: Are there just stats, stats and skills, what are they and how do you generate these?
--- End quote ---

A: Lords of Olympus has four Abilities: Ego, Might, Fortitude and Prowess. They are generated in a bidding war where you compete against the other players, where the winner of a given ability's bidding war would end up with 1st Class (the highest level) in that ability; the guy who came in second would have 2nd Class, then 3rd Class, etc.
You can also choose not to bid, in which case you have Olympian Class, which doesn't cost any points.  This is the default level of an inhabitant of Olympus, and still makes you considerably more powerful than a normal Mortal.  In fact, there are two "underpowered" Classes (Heroic Class and Mortal Class) which give you points back if you lower your ability to that level.
There is also a fifth ability, Luck, which functions in a different way from the other four.
Skills are determined by your personal chronology, the background of what your character was doing before the start of the game; they are training and knowledge, and have no mechanical values; they are used to determine what your character would be capable of knowing or doing.

--- Quote ---Q:What about Powers/Special Abilities? How are they rated?
--- End quote ---

A: There are a wide variety of powers in Lords of Olympus. Each power has a particular point cost, and gives the character special abilities. Some powers have other powers or a minimum ability Class as a prerequisite.  Some powers have "advanced" versions which are more expensive but represent a higher level of mastery.
Here's a list of the powers in Lords of Olympus:
World-Walking Mastery
Promethean World Walking
Promethean World Walking Mastery
Olympian Magic
Advanced Olympian Magic
Primordial Magic
Advanced Primordial Magic
Advanced Scrying
Advanced Metamorphosis
Ineffable Names
Olympian Artificing

--- Quote ---Q:How do stats (skills, if any) and Powers interact?
--- End quote ---

A: Skills have no direct interaction with powers, except in the sense that one might have lore about powers or that sort of thing.  The Abilities interact with powers in several ways: as mentioned, many powers have a prerequisite minimum Class in an ability to use the power.  Many powers also are more effective if the character has a higher Ego Class, and often a character's Fortitude Class determines how long they can maintain use of a power.

That's it for this week, please send more questions to the thread, and I'll be glad to answer them.
Note that all answers are based on the current work-in-progress, and may end up being changed in the process leading to the actual publication of the Lords of Olympus game.


I don't know how confortable you are if I bring up Amber DRPG as a reference point in this thread but I think it's bound to happen anyway. Lord of Olympus' source of inspiration should be clear by now though I won't deny the originality of your creation. I think a few comparisons with Amber won't be detrimental and probably illustrate (to players familiar with Erick Wujcik's game) what are you intentions.

So here I go:
- Amber comes with a corpus of fiction and canon that's been one of its most distinctive features. Zelazny's books are the reference for a majority of players, whether it means following the genre, exploring alternative plots or just exploiting the shiny cool powers and create new ones. Greek mythology isn't centralized this way. Several contradictory versions of every tale might exist somewhere. How would you say Lord of Olympus will relate to mythology? Will the setting be widely modular? Or will you narrow down to something like a canon, retaining your favorite aspects of mythology? What role actual ancient Greek history might have in the setting? How much metaplot will we find baked in the game?

- Amber comes with its handful of vibrant characters that are usually treated as NPCs and are very important to the game atmosphere. Some might prefer to play without them (hi Jibbajibba) but usually they're at least part of the game. What will player play in Lord of Olympus? The main gods (like Zeus, Poseidon and Hades)? Secondary gods (equivalent of the 2nd generation of princes for Amber)? Something else?

- Are there specific elements of Amber DRPG that you wanted to correct, or do your own different way that will appear in Lord of Olympus? If yes what are those?

I think it will do for a start.

How will interactions with NPCs be reconciled with the bidding system? e.g. Having 2nd class in Might makes you stronger than the character with 3rd class and not as powerful as the character in 1st class, but how would that stack up against, say, an angry, methed-up kyklops? (ooh, look at me using old Greek spellings!)


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