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What makes the ADRP rulebook so cool

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I have a den full of RPG systems. Most I have played at least once, some I actually enjoy enough to play again. It's interesting to look at the rulebooks and compare styles. Some are colored, others B&W. Some have lots of detail, some not so much.

I was thinking about the ADRP rulebook and comparing it to others on my shelf, and I had an interesting thought.

Most rulebooks today have a lot of filler. Often they consume a few pages here and there with background stories. Perhaps they spend pages explaining why magic works, how dragons can fly, why dwarves hate elves, or whatever.

The ADRP book really has none of this. When you read the rulebook you will find (1) rules, and (2) examples. Sometimes I find the examples to be a bit long-winded, but each is there to illustrate how a particular facet of the game works. The rules are sometimes vague but that is the nature of Amber, where every campaign has its own style and flavor. It's a somewhat hefty rulebook packed with ideas and not charts or pictures.

Personally, I think this is a strength of the game. It pre-supposes that the reader has some idea what Amber is all about and doesn't spend time rehashing much that information. (There is a glossary of terms, but it's pretty minimalistic and consumes only a couple of pages.) It gives different options as to point values for NPCs, but this just goes to show how each GM can create his own campaign or bring his own interpretation of Amber into the game.

When 2E Amber is eventually done, I hope it maintains a similar flavor and doesn't become just another glossy slick RPG that sits on my shelf. I like the style of the rulebook as written and hope it doesn't change too much.

Anyone have thoughts on this?

Erick Wujcik:

--- Quote from: finarvyn ---...The ADRP book really has none of this. When you read the rulebook you will find (1) rules, and (2) examples...
--- End quote ---

I'll be interested to see what everyone else has to say on the subject.

From my perspective, I'm hoping that the 2nd edition ADRPG will keep most of the same rules/examples style, adding more of the same and plugging up some of the holes.


Absolutely. I desperately hope that it will keep the same overall method, while perhaps cleaning up the organization a bit.

Amber is great because everything in it is useful, not filler. Shit, even the game-fiction is both useful and relevant (unlike almost any game fiction), and is actually GOOD, being Zelazny who wrote it (unlike just about every other game's fiction).


A couple of ideas for a 2E of ADRP:

1. Maintain the style of the 1E rulebooks and keep as much of the original writing as possible, but reorganize. Include material from both the Core Rulebook and the Shadow Knight supplement. People in charge of 2E should be less a "writer" and more an "editor".

2. Divide material into 2-3 rulebooks. One would be a Player's Guide to Amber, which would include all of the things a player needed to know about the basic powers and so on. A second would be A GM's Guide to Amber, which would include Advanced powers, Elders, scenarios, and so on. (A Guide to the Elders of Amber could be a third book, if one wanted to divide GM material from camapign-specific stuff.)

3. I love the idea that each Elder has three write-ups. It encourages GMs to pick and choose and customize Amber into their own. This should be done with other rules options. For example, Character generation. The auction could remain the "official" way to do it, but include discussion on character point building without auction, use of random rolls to generate characters, or whatever. Give options.

4. Somehow include all or parts of the Rebma sourcebook. Either go with Jason Durall's version or (if any notes exist) Erick's version. I don't know what happened behind the scenes to make this project fall apart years ago, but bring it back. Maybe similar material for Tir-na Nog'th.

5. Market some of the extras. Give the game official support.
* Make Kucharski's trumps from the rulebooks into a siimple Trump deck.
* Create "official" maps of the Amber universe. (I know that every Amber is different, but many RPG folks love colored maps and would love something official to work from.)
* Create "official" blueprints of Castle Amber, the Courts, and other interesing places. (Maybe use the three-version model, if one official version is distasteful.)

Just a few thoughts. :D

I think that 2E should include the original mechanic, but there should be "three versions" for all elements.

[*]Alternatives to the auction.
[*]Alternatives to the judicial resolution system; ideally at least one that requires no GM input at all if two players want to play out a conflict without the GM.
[*]Alternatives to Logrus as the basis of Chaosian power, especially for campaigns that focus on Corwin's chronicles.

...among other things.

In addition, I think that 2E ought to hew closer to the canon, as pertains to how the attributes and powers work.  For example, psyche battles should require magic or trump to initiate; eye contact or touch should NOT be enough.

I think Amber can benefit a lot from some of the new ideas that have come out in roleplaying games in the thirteen years since Shadow Knight came out, such as GMless roleplaying, drama-based resolution, spendable plot-based resources, et multiple cetera.


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