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L00 Space - Roads question

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In a space station, there is no open sky, running water, or underground. Does that mean that there can be no Road access to the space station? Only to one of the planets in that world?


"Where we're going, we don't need roads..." 

A road is nice since it gives a direction and landmarks to shift shadows, but there are plenty of times in the books where there were no roads.  Walk through a town, add a little metal here and there, pass though an arch or under a bridge to add a ceiling, add the right stars, alter the people and their language as you go.  You're not walking through the vacuum of space but along a metal grill that just happens to be where you want to go.

As for something like the Black Road, any corridor or cargo rail system is a path to travel, it's a chaos thing weaving in and out of shadow like a snake.  From a native's perspective, travelers would fade in at one end, gain solidity, and fade out at the other. 

My bad for not marking it Lords of Olympus question. I know in Amber it is not a problem…
I changed the topic so it's clear I am asking aout Loo..

No one thoght of this dilema before...? I really want to know if I understand the intent on how this should work...

Here's the answer in my book...

--- Quote ---The Hadean Road is granted by Hades and ultimately leads to the Underworld. It consists of underground tunnels, passages, warrens, steam tunnels, sewers, mine shafts, and subways. This road leads to any realm in which underground passes can be found.
--- End quote ---

So you can easily connect the bowels of the earth to the bowels of a space station.  If you have a sense of humor, you could connect docks via the Atlantean Road.  Imagine a sailing ship pulling into the space dock.  :-)


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