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Title: Shadows of Note
Post by: Warder on June 26, 2021, 05:31:17 PM
So, ive had some ideas about places in the Shadows that may be acesable and relevant to the games people could have. There hasnt been a topic of just ideas on this topic, i suspect mainly because people like to invent their own worlds. The problem i have with this is that a lot of good content is just lost to the games that took place, which is kind of a waste. Nevertheless, al subscriptions are welcome a lot:) Ill try to make the reading interesting at least if not usable. Imma get my imaginary pipe, crack my knuckles and lets get started;

The Boneyard has multiple structures that shoudnt be shaped as they are if not designed by intelligence but there appears to be nobody around to claim the ''glory''. The ground is covered in all manner of bones, there are various areas clear of them but one gets a feeling of treading on ground calcium. If no care is paid to the actual walking, one can get punctured by a bone, fall into a pit of bones and suffocate or even possibly start a skullvalanche. This Shadow is shifting and during the tides the ring of bones on the sky
make for an interesting sight, considering there is no sun only a shimmering light that dims until night comes. So, what possible purpose could a Shadow traveller have here? The structures that bend on the horizon and actually towers, they hold secrets. Bones come from all around the Shadows, some of the primal beasts existed and their bones could be found here. If not, a trail to follow, possibly of ones own impending demise, a way of knowing what the method will be? Could Tir-na Nog'th be acessed through here, a back door if you will?
Title: Re: Shadows of Note
Post by: Warder on June 26, 2021, 05:40:41 PM
Lets face it, there must be dozens if not more fake Jewels of Judgement out there already, used in the past ploys of factions within and outside of Amber, many duds, many funtional but with limiters and many traps aimed to destroy their foolish targets. The scene from Indiana Jones Last Crusade comes to mind. A place/plane/nexus where there are multiple sources emitting similar frequencies that disrupt searchers could be found in the Shadows probably. There would be a multitude of copies of the Jewel facilitated. And there would be a place where they all originated from or would wind up in. A Graveyard of Judgement.